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ReardonSmith Architects in Belgrade
On this year’s REBEC 2010., that is going to be held in hotel Continental in Belgrade 21st – 23rd June, one of the lectures of panel no.4, as confirmed today, is going to be Mr Ross Blunt, an Associate Director in ReardonSmith Architects ( . On this occasion, the specialized audience will have an extraordinary chance to get familiar with current trends regarding sustainability and eficiency, on an exapmle of projects of branded luxury hotel chains, such as Four Seasons, Hyatt, Savoy Group, Sheraton, Hilton, Accor and many others. The atendees will be given an opportunity to comment the present state of hotel and retail development in Serbia and the region, especially considering the fact that Belgrade has the market capacities of opening one of the abovementioned hotels each year. ReardoSmith Architects are specialized architects of the retail project PortoMontenegro, of which the first phase of construction is about to be completed and opened to the Montenegrian public at the beginning of June 2010.
Basic problems of residential construction market in Serbia: lack of regulatory rules, education and information.
I konferencija za novinare 2010
Beograd, 13. maj 2010
The 1st press conference regarding the incoming REBEC 2010 event was held today in Belgrade. The conference took place at the residential-business retail „Appartment Gallery“, which is a project made by the„Ocean Atlantic International“, a branded international developer.
Out of the variety of interesting topics to be discussed on REBEC manifestation, 21st to 23rd June 2010, two stand out: residential construction and the development of facility management, that is managing and sustaining of objects - said today Mr.Alexandar Opsenica, the Director of REBEC manifestation.
He has stressed that the manifestation, that gathers local and international experts in real estate field, will be transfrmed and expanded this year, so it will offer to the atendees 13 panels in total.
"Ocean Atlantic" company Director for Serbia, Mr.Aleksandar Zavišić has pointed out the importance of REBEC and its goal of poularizing the mentioned topics in Serbia, and first of all, its aim of educating the atendees, because residential construction, as well as construction in general, is „one of the leading branches for economical growth of Serbia“. After the standstill in 2009, and the first half of 2010, the real estate market started slowly to recover, and thus in the second half of 2010 we could expect larger investment projects, according to the documentation being prepared and the confidence of investors into the construction sector being increased – said Sales Director of „CB Richard Elis“ Serbia, Mr.Goran Živković. Mr.Zoran Ćirić, representative of Volksbank Serbia, said that the crisis has contributet to a certain refinement of the market, meaning that price at some location can’t be the same for an appartment built thirty years ago and six months ago. Market recovery will be supported in the second half of 2010 also by beneficial loans. The interests for residential loans are 5 to 6%, and with the subvention of the state will come to 4 to 5.5%. All these facts led to the increase of sales for 70%.
As announced by Mr.Alexandar Opsenica, Director of REBEC, this year’s atendees will have the chance of getting informed about bank politics regarding residential loans, as well project finansing regulations and legal regulations on this matter.
The crisis is one of the indicators of changes about to come in this field, in other words – for overcoming of crisis, a wide set od professional engineers will be required, capable of carrying out projects from the drawing board to their completion. That is why the participants emphasized the significance of REBEC Conference 2010, where the experts as well as wider public will be fully informed about residential construction and facility management industry trough concrete examples. Acording to the statements of JP „Gradsko stambeno“ Mr. Slobodn Miljković, the procedure of maintaining and economizing objects in Serbia, is becoming qualitative and effective. Public service of this kind is one of the enterprises for the development this segmentof real estate market. The Director of „Hauzmajstor“, Mr.Bojan Stevanović said that private specialized FM companies are about to come to the Serbian market, searching for models of corporative business, such as sustaining real estate objects with public services across Serbia.
REBEC manifestation, that started in 2008, resembling the eminent international real estate exhibitions, has a goal of setting the platform for collecting information, networking of experts and investors, attracting foreign funds and representing to the world the potentials of real estate market development in Serbia. This year’s REBEC, third annual so far, will be held in hotel Continental.
ICSC 2010.
ISCS 2010
A two-day specialized European Conference ICSC was opened today in Prague, with the aim to present the themes related to development of shopping malls. Still actual capital crisis imposed the need for the new way of thinking and finding new ways for this segment to develop. This related especially to the field of financing and sustaining new shopping malls.
One of the conclusions of this Conference is that private developers will find new models of financing, in such way so that local authorities will colaborate, offering attractive locations as their share to the project development patnership. For a longer period of time, this will be the only way for the shopping mall industry to develop with the same speed. On the other hand, the existing shopping malls have capacities of enlargement and as such are attractive for potential investors, what we can conclude by the quality of this year’s rewarded project in this category.
Compared to last year, when in the category of middle-sized shopping malls, Delta City has won the first prize among tough competitors, this year there was no projects of shopping malls in competitive categories.
More of this matter you can find on the web:
Serbia may be the first to come out of the crisis - echoes of Investment Fair MIPIM 2010 in Cannes
MIPIM 2010
At an expert panel discussion on the prospects of the Balkans within the 21st Investment Fair MIPIM, one of top seven events of the kind, which is held in Cannes, it was concluded that Serbia had the greatest chances to be the first to come out of the crisis because its market was unsaturated and that it had good projects - magazine AG Real Estate wrote.
During the debate on the real estate market, NBG Bank's Investment Director Aristotelis Karytinos presented the data on low level of the financial support of "Greek banks" in Serbian market.
He said that the situation was unsatisfying and announced that the future investments would be much bigger, especially in the sector of residential construction.
- I expect the investments to grow already in the second part of the year, especially when it comes to NBG Bank - Karytinos pointed out.
Christopher Shonn, the CEO of NAI Property Partners, confirmed that the market in Serbia was promising and that the project development should start as soon as possible.
Nicolaas Veldhuis, the CEO of Veldhuis & Partners, said that Serbia could be the first in the region to come out of the crisis because its market was unsaturated and "thirsty" for all kinds of projects, especially in the real estate sector because it drove serious economic potential of each state and its market.
The general impression of the panel discussion participants is that a good presentation of the opportunities in Serbian real estate market was missing.
XXI MIPIM was opened on March 16th by the Mayor of Nice and the Minister of Industry of France, Christian Estrosi, and the Mayor of Cannes, Bernard Brochand. During the next four days, Cannes will, once again, host big players in the area of global real estate development. That is a new opportunity for the present exhibitors to attract all those with free capital.
The representatives of magazine AG Real Estate said that it can be noticed that large number of exhibitors at MIPIM 2010 were from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and, of course, Russia. One of the exhibitors at the expo is Beoland - the Directorate for Development of City of Belgrade. Beoland's booth at the expo is surrounded by the booths of prestigious exhibitors and players such as John Lang La Salle, ING Real Estate, Cushman & Wakefield, King Sturge, Colliers International, Chapman Taylor.
PROPRIO – FIRST INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENT FAIR IN SLOVENIA, March 26. - 27. 2010, Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana, Slovenia
In late March (26. and 27. March 2010) will be held the first international real estate and investment fair in Slovenia – PROPRIO. Original PROPRIO is basically fair manifestation with many parallely organized presentations, promotions and discussions that will have educational character. The fair will present the Slovenian and international agencies dealing with real estate development, brokerage companies that offer mediation in the area of real estate lending and acquisitions, economic and legal counseling, investors, building surveying and engineering companies, banks, insurance companies, investment funds and other actors who are active in the field of real estate development business. Knowing that there is a big crisis in the field of real estate development, organizers evaluate that this area is yet to be judged as the most dynamic and most interesting segment of the economy. This will be an opportunity to all interested professionals who deal with a wide range of activities in the field of real estate development to exchange relevant information in mutual communication and initiate new partnerships in the field of buying, selling, renting, renovation and property insurance.