21-23 June 2010, Hotel Continental, Belgrade, Serbia

This year in Belgrade, the Third annual International Real estate exhibition and conference REBEC will take place, gathering local and international experts from the field of investment and construction. During the three-day event, the attendees will have the chance to exchange experiences and impressions regarding the real estate development potentials. Continuing the previous two-year tradition, it will present the expectations of further development and investment potentials in Serbia and the region. After the big sucess of the previous REBEC events, the third REBEC – Real Estate Belgrade Exhibition& Conference will take place from 21 -23rd June in the hotel Continental, Belgrade.

Combining the following real estate exhibition and conference as the main events, REBEC will analyze all the major topics related to real estate business in the region, trough 7 panels in the conference part and 6 exhibition events. In the exhibition section, a full spectrum of burning topics relating Serbian real estate market is offered to the attendees, connecting local attendees with international experts and investors.
Despite the current global economic situation, Serbian real estate market shows a certain vitality and even greater potential. Serbia is facing changes on key legal regulations regarding the field of construction and the status of property ownership; Belgrade, as the country’s capital, is speaking in urban terms, descending only now to its two rivers, Danube and Sava; the leading international hotel brands are opening towards the Serbian market, and the methodology of project and facility management is getting more and more used as a support to the investors in their efforts to develop, conduct and maintain their existing projects. These are some of the reasons to consider real estate development a profitable future business of – and these are only some of the topics that we will discuss on the third REBEC.

REBEC Conference 22-23 June,
Mezzanin hotel Continental, Le Club Belgrade

Day one– 22nd June
8:30-9:15 Registration of attendees, coffee and tea
9:15-9:30 Opening of the conference, Introduction speech

9:30-11:00, Mezzanin hotel Continental,Le Club Belgrade
1st Panel
: New-old chances for urbanist plan development, support to real-estate market trough the development of modern urban planning.
o Is modern urban planning a chance for faster and more recognizable real-estate development in Serbia?
o Changes and adaptations of Urbanist plan of the city of Belgrade until 2021.
o Some of the possibilities for better presentations of overall real-estate development capacity in Serbia.
o Uzances of Energetic efficiency and their application on urban planning, as well as on real estate development in Serbia.
o Modern European and worldwide tendencies of urban planning.
11:00-11:15 Coffee, tea, soft drinks,

11:15-13:00, Mezzanin hotel Continental,Le Club Belgrade
2nd Panel
: What engineers should know about investment, and investors about engineering ; the role of new regulations on energetic efficiency and maintainable construction in Serbia
• At what point does an insufficiently planned project break the budget and estimated time?
• How is a project – object programmed, in order to maintain its architecture (in near and further future) still modern, efficient and qualitative;
• Which modern usances of energetic efficiency are applied to the practice in Serbia?
• How and what way do managers support investors in seeing the advantages and accomplishments Energetic efficiency - in order to achieve efficiency, quality and long-life of constructions?
• A case – study from Serbia.
13:15-14:15 Lunch –Mediteran, Adriatic and Baltic halls
14:15-15:30, Mezzanin hotel Continental,Le Club Belgrade
3rd Panel: Capital crisis and impact of the mortgage payment process on further real estate development in Serbia;
• Is the expected process of selling the mortgage an additional support to real estate development in Serbia?
• How will the banks prepare these projects in order to guarantee their success?
• Do banks have other methods?
• Are there any other limitations in Serbia that are threat to the success of these projects?
• What is the role of lawyers in this process?
• Are the previous reports regarding the estimated values of real estate - still valid?
15:30-15:45 Coffee, tea, soft drinks
15:45-17:15 Mezzanin hotel Continental, Le Club Belgrade
4th Panel: Hotel and tourism industry in Serbia and the region;
• Institutional prerequisites for the hotel industry and all the following industries to develop faster in the region of Serbia and of Southeastern Europe;
• Prerequisites for the big hotel chains in Serbia;
• The role of project engineers and consultants in the process of hotel industry development in Serbia and in the region;
• Problems that big companies are facing in Serbia, and the ways of solving them;
• What makes Serbia a recommended destination for the development of Hotel and tourism industry?
• Development of tourism and its following industry in Serbia. 

20:00-20:30 Gathering before the beginning of Gala dinner, formal speech by the sponsor
20.30-23.30 Gala dinner

Day two – 23rd June

8:30-9:00 Registration of attendees, coffee and tea
9:00-10:30, Mezzanin hotel Continental,Le Club Belgrade
5th Panel: Experiences and messages of Greek and Austrian investors in Serbia
• According to the Greek investors, what are the advantages of investing in Serbia?
• What can investors from Greece advise us in order to become even more competitive market and suitable for other potential Greek investors? 
• According to the Austrian investors, what are the advantages of investing in Serbian real estate market?
• What can Austrian investors advise us in order to become even more competitive market?
• The unknown facts and main dilemmas of Austrian investors while developing a real-estate project in Serbia.
10:30-10:45 Coffee, tea, soft drinks
10:45-12:30, Mezzanin hotel Continental,Le Club Belgrade
6th Panel: Legal perspectives, the condition and expectations
• Ownership of the land – YES or NO and IN WHICH CASES, laws in the procedures of Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian market, especially the conversion of the right to usage into the ownership right – ideas of legislators and their aplicability in Serbia.
• Verification in court, notary verifications and the differences among Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia on this matter. Credibility and functionality of Serbian register of real estate trade contracts.
• Confiscation of real estate in case of violating the contract, experiences and practice in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Serbian law on mortgage and its aplicability without starting a legal prcess – legal safety in mortgage matter.

12:45-13:45Mezzanine room of hotel Continental and Le Club space Retrospective of Serbian projects in 2009 and from the first half of 2010, in cooperation with business portal

13:45-15:00 Farewell cocktail party and refreshments, sponsorship of wine glass.
Announcement of programme and topics for REBEC 2011.