III REBEC Exhibition
21-23rd June, Mezzanine of hotel Continental, Belgrade

The following exhibition is configured as a support to REBEC Conference and organized in Mezzanine room of hotel Continental. Booths for exhibition are prearranged, according to the terms of renting.
The exhibition is designed as an interactive manifestation, with the aim to present new projects to the attendees. This is an additional form of demonstrating Serbian real estate development and potentials for investing.
The exhibition opens on 21st June at 12 o’clock. After the grand opening, the attendees will have the chance to see the booths of all the exhibitors. On this first day of exhibition, two panels will be held, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. : The first – “FM industry in Serbia” and the second – “The state of providing a service of real estate value estimator in Serbia”.
The second day of the exhibition, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., offers also two panels, at the same place: “The current state of residential construction development in Serbia” ; and – “The current state of retail market development in Serbia”.
The third day will also provide two panels: “Serbia as a logistic center of the Balkans”, and – “Retrospective of investment projects and investment ideas in Serbia in 2009 and in the first half of 2010”, where we will summarize our impressions regarding the most discussed new projects, according to the statistics of the business portal www.ekapija.com .
With REBEC 2010 already having attracted so much interest, we have organized an additional exhibition, “Architectural corner”, 21 – 25th June, showing works by students of Belgrade University’s Faculty of Architecture, as well as prominent Serbian architects working abroad, entitled “Investment projects – Idea, Vision, Possibilities”. The exhibition will take place at the New York Club in the lobby of the Hotel Continental.

We would like to add that in the New York Club in the lobby of the Hotel Continental, on June 1st, an official announcement of all the events on REBEC will be made, providing also information about the specific timetable.

The exhibition will be open every day, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
On the first day of the event, due to the gala opening, the exhibition will be open 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Closing day is 23rd of June, at 6 p.m.
Price of attendance: 750 RSD per day, 1500 RSD for all three days.

Contact: sajam@rebec.rs

III REBEC Exhibition
21-23rd June, Mezzanine of hotel Continental, Belgrade

Day one, 21st June,

Welcoming the attendees and gathering before the grand opening
12:00-12:45 Grand opening of REBEC event, Mezzanine of hotel Continental

Press conference, Le Club hall, Mezzaznin space of hotel Continental

Announcement of all the incoming REBEC events
Questions of the press representatives

13:15-15:00 Exhibition, Le Club, Mezzanine of hotel Continental

1st exhibition panel:
Facility Management Afternoon
Development of FM industry in Serbia and its influences on real estate market
Advanced software solutions on the FM market
Recommendations for further FM market development
FM market of public enterprises in Serbia
Energetic efficiency usances and their influence on FM industry in Serbia

15:15-17:00 Exhibition, Le Club, Mezzanine of hotel Continental

2nd exhibition panel:
Real estate value estimating in Serbia
The current state of Serbian real estate market, current challenges and available methodology of estimator services
New law on cadastre
Experiences on local and regional markets
Acceptability and quality of reports, regarding the credibility they have in banking system, as a basis for credits, better mortgage conditions etc.
National standards and plans
Recommendations for the following short and medium-term periods

Day two, 22nd June,


Day three, 23rd June,

12:45-13:45Le Club, Mezzanine of hotel Continental

Retrospective of relevant projects in Serbia from 2009 as well as from the first half of 2010, according to the business portal ekapija.

Farewell cocktail party and refreshment, wine glass sponsorship. Announcement of programme and topics for REBEC 2011.

Announcement of REBEC 2011.