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VI SEE Real Estate Exhibition & Conference

17-21 June 2013 XIX i XXV floor, Business center Ušće, Belgrade, Serbia

Rebec 2013

  • • REBEC 2013 represents the milestone in its further development;
  • • In the past period, REBEC has established a connection with several important investment platforms in and out of the region, and this year, thanks to these connections, even better results are expected;
  • • There is an obvious need to revive and expand the currently existing exclusive topics related to the investments in the real estate development, particularly in light of the improved position of Serbia in relation to the region.
  • • This year, the participants of REBEC event are offered a space of a different concept, which is perhaps not unique when having in mind its location, but is of extremely high quality, very flexible and modern.
  • • REBEC 2013 will take place from 17th to 21st June.
  • • The venue of the event is the Business center ‘Ušće’;
  • • All of the conference programs will be set and will take place on XIX floor, in one part of the SEE Office space.
  • • The fair, exhibition space and the space intended for networking, exchange of ideas and direct professional communication, will be positioned on the top floor of the Business center "Ušće", i.e. XXV floor.
  • • Serbia will finally win the status of a candidate for EU membership and by the end of June 2013, the official announcement of the date when the EU accession negotiations will begin, is expected.
  • • The development of the real estate sector shares the destiny and effects of the economic development in Serbia.
  • • During the last year, serious indications of an increased interest in investments coming from abroad have been clearly noticed, but the increase in the number of projects has not happened yet;
  • • The prices are still dropping, the supply is high, and the demand and realization of the number of transactions is very low;
  • • As for the office space development, rental fees are stable, much lower than in 2008, the occupation of free space slowly rises and a slow recovery of the rental fees level is expected.
  • • What has been particularly increased in Belgrade is the interest for the rent of office space in the old part of the city, which is another indicator that, in that part of the city, the rental fees of the office space will begin to grow;
  • • The interest in retail sales is confirmed by the announcement of the beginning of construction of several retail parks in the inner Serbia;
  • • The new leaseholders are showing and increased interest as well. They are mostly foreign brands of consumer goods;
  • • The arrival of several large retail chains, together with the branch related accompanying leaseholders, has been announced;
  • • The atmosphere of the demands is being additionally encouraged, but that does not coincide with an increased number in the sales of the locations for the development of retail parks in the inner part of the country;
  • • The development of the hospitality and hotel industry has been marked by a number of newly finished hotels of lower classification.
  • • The beginning of the Hilton, Kempinski, Mariott development has been re-announced, but the exact starting date of the construction phase has not been officially released yet.
  • • Unofficially, Sheraton and Starwood have also announced their arrival.
  • • The completion of the hotel on Stara Planina and the complete renovation of the existing capacities on Kopaonik, show that there are still so many opportunities available for investments to be made when it comes to the development of hotels in the mountains throughout Serbia.
  • • The industry of logistics and distribution is also showing signs of increased location demand in the areas around major cities in Serbia.
  • • Belgrade is a special indicator of the above mentioned, especially when one has in mind projects already being developed, encompassing the total size of more than 200 000 m2, on several locations around Belgrade.
  • • The regional cooperation of experts from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia started in Ljubljana, in December 2012, and its development successfully continued in Zagreb, in early April 2013. This year’s REBEC 2013 is one more opportunity for further strengthening of the established mentioned collaboration.
  • • The markets of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia are completely different and uneven, but in a certain sense of community, those features can be treated as benefits.
  • • This is why Serbia, as the central part of the region, leads the way to the unification of diversities.
  • • In accordance with all of the above mentioned, the main topics of this year's REBEC, will be dedicated to the development of retail, hotel industry and industry of logistics and distribution, as well as the further development of regional cooperation.
  • • In the existing geographical and economic environment, the real estate market in Serbia, in every way, shows significant vitality and growing appeal.
  • • When it comes to the program related to the Public-Private Partnership topic, we will focus on presentation of the most positive solutions and experiences in and beyond the region.
  • • Having in mind Serbia’s investment potentials, today, this model of financing represents the only realistic possibility for the realization of a large part of its infrastructure, energy and other needs.
  • • By the end of this year, the program of recommendations and the selection of projects proposed by 32 municipal administrations will have been finished.
  • • The selected projects will get an unsurpassable opportunity and advantage to have their own promotion on traditional specialized investor related events abroad.
  • • In the domain of energy development, Serbia especially emphasizes its capital opportunities;
  • • Serbia has large reserves of coal, a huge water potential, wind roses of remarkable force, as well as the potential of solar energy, with rich sources of geothermal water.
  • • By all accounts, Serbia could easily become an energy leader in the region, as well as a factor of regional energy stability.
  • • The application of energy efficiency commons practices has started to show initial results.
  • • In this very moment, an additional effort should be made regarding further education, so that the already existent subsidies would additionally improve the quality of life, through even stronger compliance with the energy efficiency common practices in the construction industry.
  • • The certification of facilities and the conquest of knowledge in this area, with as many local experts as possible, definitely indicate that the positive rate of development of Serbia in the direction of Europe and the world is completely clear.
  • • Because of all the things mentioned above, we invite everyone interested not the miss this year’s REBEC event.
  • • See you at REBEC 2013 events


  • Sara Penđer

    Sara Pendjer is an Associate, Stankovic & Partners Law Office, deals with international and domestic corporate clients related to mergers and acquisitions, corporate and competition matters and renewable energy projects. Sara finished her legal studies at the Faculty of Law, Belgrade University in 2010.

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  • Jože Podgoršek, CEO Hiška ABC d.o.o.

    Joze Podgoršek is the founder and director of HIŠKA ABC Ltd. It is an organization founded in 1999. and specializes in leadership, management, real estate brokerage that has been active in the markets of Slovenia and Croatia. Of the 2003rd been a member of FIABCI Slovenia. In the term of 2008-2011 he served as vice president. President of FIABCI Slovenia was elected for period from 2011-2015. year!

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  • Branko Bukvić

    Branko was one of the founders of the, the only online foreclosure listing in SEE. Using his vast experience in corporate law, including numerous engagements by the banks in foreclosure related issues, Branko was able to tailor to be compliant with specific needs of banks and leasing companies, but still user friendly and accessible to the majority of people that have not previously purchased real estate on auctions. In addition to his activities at, Branko is a member of the Živković Saradžić Law Office since 2005.

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  • Đorđe Pavković – Bugarski, Executive Director, Hauzmajstor

    Đorđe Pavković-Bugarski (41) is Executive Director of company Hauzmajstor from 2008, leading Serbian company in property and facility management services. Đorđe has more then 10 years experience in Real Estate market adn related services. Prior positions was General Manager of Common Sense consulting company from 2005-2008 and various technical managerial positions in Holcim Italia from 2001-2005. Mr. Pavković is responsible for Business Development, Business Planning, Operational management and Project Management.

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  • Milan Stefanović

    Milan Stefanovic is Expert for business regulation and economic governance on the USAID Business Enabling Project. Milan is a lawyer who passed the bar exam and is an expert in the field of business law and regulatory reform. He has worked in the judiciary, legal practice, business entities, public sector, the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development...

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  • Vladimir Đelić, partner u advokatskoj kancelariji Božović,Đelić i Ivković

    Mr. Vladimir Đelić is an Attorney at Law and legal expert with over 20 years of practice. He started his training in 1991 at Leslie & Godwin (Lloyds insurance brokers) from the City of London, where he had completed an in-house training program in claims management in insurance-related matters...

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  • Clemens Schranz

    Holding the position of Managing Director Serbia with Soravia Group of companies, Clemens manages real estate development projects located in SEE countries. He assumes responsibility for the commercial execution across all phases including market observation, site recommendation and selection, acquisition, pre-development, securing of funding for project finance, planning and construction, marketing, renting and sales.

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  • Srđan Vujičić - Director of Real Estate Operations

    After more than 10 years’ experience in Real Estate consultancy, Mr. Vujicic (43) joined Savills Coreside as Director responsible for development of Real Estate Markets, Capital Markets and Investment transaction department in Serbian office. He is also responsible for complete operations of agency service, including Office and Retail Agency along with the Industrial sector and for development of all agency departments and client acquisition.

    more »
  • Claus Graggaber - Erste Group Immorent, General Menager, Srbija

    Born in Austria in 1977. Before joining Erste Group in 2005, he was practicing law in Austria and Romania. In 2009 Mr. Graggaber was appointed as Head of Real Estate Finance within Immorent d.o.o. Belgrade and then promoted to Managing Director of Erste Group Immorent Serbia d.o.o. beginning of 2011.

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  • Pavle Vlajcic - Managing Partner/Bisnode Serbia/Solvent Point

    Mr. Pavle Vlajcic spent the most of its eleven years carrier in an financial environment in Serbia gaining managing experience. After graduation at Manhattan Institute of Management in Budapest he started with ProCredit Bank AD and continued later with HVB Bank Serbia, TBI Leasing, Coface Serbia and presently at Bisnode Serbia/Solvent Point, exercising his excellent organizational, analytical and communicational skills. From 2012 Mr. Vlajcic holds Masters Degree from Faculty for European Management.

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    Milica Nikolic is the Head of Office Brokerage for six years now in a leading real estate consultancy CBS International, Part of the CBRE Affiliate Network. Milica is responsible for most lease transactions in this sector, including tenant representation of the key international blue chip companies. With over 10 years of hands on experience in the real estate market, Milica's reference clients feature some of the most renowned companies such as Citi Bank, PepsiCo, Univerzal banka, Australian Embassy, to name a few.

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  • Marko Obradović, project manager, Horwath HTL, Srbija

    Marko Obradović, project manager, Horwath HTL, Srbija Marko Obradovic is a Project Manager at the Belgrade office of Horwath HTL, a company that was founded in the United States nearly a century ago and today represents a global leader in consultancy services in the field of hotel, tourism and leisure industry. Holds a Graduated Economist degree from Faculty of Economics/Department of Foreign and Domestic Trade at the University of Belgrade in Serbia and Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the Kennedy School, Harvard University in the United States.

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  • mr Dušan Rakitić, pravni i poslovni savetnik

    Managing Partner of Specht Böhm Strategic Advisory, Of Counsel at law office ‘’Vučenović in cooperation with Specht Böhm Rechtsanwalt GmbH’’ and teaching assistant at Belgrade University Faculty of Law with previous professional experience in Law office Stevanovich, Citadel Financial Advisory and Government of Serbia. He holds a LLM degree from Harvard Law School as well as from Belgrade University Faculty of Law, and passed bar examinations of the State of New York and of the Republic of Serbia.

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    Mr. Bobovs has a lot of experience in regional (CEE / SEE) & country GM roles, top management in FI (commercial & investment banking) & industry (building materials), in 10 countries over 27 years. Mr. Bobvos is specialized in business development and strategic/operational CEO positions, typically in challenging regions & markets. Work involved acquisitions, integration management, line responsibilities (P&L) with major corporate restructurings.

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  • Jeffrey Scott, Managing Consultant, PKF hotelexperts

    Jeffrey Scott is Managing Consultant with PKF hotelexperts in Vienna where he heads the asset management activities along with working in the areas of strategic consulting and project development. Jeff and his team help hotel owners in managing their assets throughout the full life-cycle of the hotel investment and oversee a growing portfolio of hotels presently situated in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia. After 18 years in hotel operations (13 of which as a General Manager), Jeff entered the consulting world and joined PKF hotelexperts as a Senior Consultant in 2006. He was then promoted to Managing Consultant in 2008. Upon completing his bachelor studies in the USA, Jeff initiated his hotel career in Germany. After gaining practical experience working for Kempinski in Munich and Roux Brothers in London, he pursued further academic studies and completed a two year master’s programme at Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration in Ithaca, New York. Given his practical and service-driven hospitality orientation, Jeff decided to continue his career in hotel operations. Shortly after completing his advanced studies, he went on to run hotels as a General Manager, both for a private non-branded hotel, as well as for properties operated by the international hotel companies Pannonia (Accor) and Marriott. The synergy between practical and theoretical knowledge along with understanding the positions on both sides of the table help Jeff in his present capacity in working as a liaison between hotel owner and operator, and in monitoring and proactively supporting the operator.

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  • Thomas H. Villadsen, CEO, MPC Properties

    Mr. Villadsen joined MPC Properties in 2013. Prior to this engagement Mr. Villadsen was working for TK Development for more than 12 years. During that period he gained significant Real Estate development experience, especially in Asset management, Investor relations & JV Agreements, Strategic planning, Execution of business plans and Assessing and Recommending New Market Opportunities.

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  • Nenad Đorđević, Predsednik Upravnog odbora “KLASTER NEKRETNINE”

    Nenad Đorđević je 1999. godine osnovao “MOZAIK NEKRETNINE”, gde do danas radi kao konsultant. Ima dugogodišnje iskustvo u radu sa korporativnim klijentima, investitorima, vladom, lokalnom samoupravom. Bavi se unapređenjem delatnosti posredovanja u prometu nepokretnosti i uređenjem tržišta. Od 2007. godine član Upravnog odbora udruženja posrednika u prometu nepokretnosti “UPPN-Krov”...

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  • Tomislav Popović, stariji advokat, Advokatska kancelarija Miroslav Stojanović

    Tomislav Popović is a senior tax lawyer working in cooperation with Law Office Miroslav Stojanovic, a cooperating Serbian law firm of Wolf Theiss. Tomislav has been practicing law for 11 years now. Prior to joining the Wolf Theiss network, he worked as a tax and legal consultant with two of the "big four" tax consultancy firms in Belgrade.

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  • Dušan Vasiljević, šef tima, BEP

    Dusan Vasiljevic is Business Regulation and Economic Governance Team Leader of the USAID Business Enabling Project. He has been leading or participating in various policy reform and advocacy efforts in Serbia since 2002, especially in the areas of business regulation, economic development, local governance and public administration.

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  • MSc. Ljubomir Drekić, Direktor VIG Real Estate

    Mr. Ljubomir Drekic graduated on the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, department for Finance, Banking and Insurance, and finished postgraduate course on the Faculty of Economics, department for actuary. He is currenlty working as a Head of Internal Audit at Wiener Städtische Insurance and Managing Director of VIG Real Estate.

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  • Nenad Stanković & Partners, NST Law, Senior partner

    Nenad Stankovic is senior partner in Stankovic & Partners (NSTLAW), a full service law firm from Serbia, with the team of experts in various commercial legal fields, and extensive experience in advising multinational companies and local Serbian and Montenegrin businesses, as well as domestic and overseas institutions, often in cooperation with international law firms.

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  • Alexander Bajc, MBA/Architect Founder/CEO at Urbis Design, Los Angeles, Belgrade

    Alexander Bajc is a business owner and architect. He started his career in 1993 working on Urbis’ projects in Russia and Turkmenistan. In 1999 he co-founded Urbis’ office in Los Angeles and currently is running companies in US and Serbia. Urbis Design is the leading company in both, US west coast and Serbia/SEE region in the hospitality design, currently employing 30 people. Alex worked on some of the most prestigious projects in the world and the region including The Venetian, Las Vegas; Disneyland Tokyo Hotel; Waldorf Astoria, Orlando...

    more »
  • Slobodan Mihajlovic - Director/Lawyer/Tax advisor - Rődl & Partner

    Mr. Mihajlovic is a lawyer and tax advisor. Currently he is Director of Rődl & Partner. During his career he was working at Eurofast Taxand, IB Interbilanz, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Republic of Serbia Tax Authorities. He has BA in Law from Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. His expertise include direct taxation (including tax planning), VAT, labour legislation, company law, foreign trade/hard currency exchange laws and bank regulations.

    more »
  • Alexander Samonig

    Entrepreneur and business Visionary, Foreign Direct Investor Consultant, Tax and Legal advisor, Project developer in Real estate sector. Mr. Samonig is the owner of Ecovis Confidas and Managing Partner of Ecovis SEE. Since he has been active in the region of South East Europe for 20 years, he gained precious experience in advisory of Foreign Direct Investments.

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  • Damir Borić - Founder of Profi Team

    Mr. Boric is founder of real estate agency “Profitim”, Belgrade. From 2003 he is representing agency in professional groups and associations. He is one of the founders and previous board member of Association of RE brokers - UPPN, one of the founders and previous board member of Association of RE brokers – UPPN-KROV...

    more »
  • James Brodie, Poseidon Property, Director

    Mr. Brodie is a Director of Poseidon Property, He acts as a development manager for retail, residential and tourist resort projects in Croatia and Serbia with a gross development value of over €250 Million. He was asset manager for properties with a market value of over €100 Million in Croatia and Serbia. He was raised over €130 Million of debt for investments and developments in Croatia and Serbia...

    more »
  • Dr Sladjana Sredojevic, Head of Bank Training Center, Association of Serbian Banks

    Ms. Sredojevic has PhD from Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. During her career she worked at Federal Ministry of Finance, World Bank/Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry for International Economic Relations of the Republic of Serbia, and Association of Serbian Banks (ASB).

    more »
  • Kamilo Vrana - PPP Lecturer and Consultant

    Mr. Kamilo Vrana spent the most of its carrier in an international business environment, running capital projects and companies. After entering the state administration in 2000, he took an important role in fundamental market reforms in Croatia as the Assistant Minister for Trade in the Ministry of Economy and acting Governor of the State Facility Reserves, than joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Consul General in Istanbul and afterwards the head of the Department for the Bilateral Economic Co-operation.

    more »
  • Slaven Moravčević - Lawyer / Partner

    Slaven Moravčević is a partner with Moravčević Vojnović i Partneri in cooperation with Schoenherr specialising in real estate, corporate/M&A, telecommunications and energy. As head of the Montenegrin desk Slaven caters for the needs of clients seeking to invest in or expand their business in Montenegro.

    more »
  • Ivan I. Petrovic - Senior Lawyer

    Ivan I. Petrovic is a lawyer with specialty in Real Estate and Construction Law, Project Development at Jankovic Popovic Mitic office in Belgrade, Serbia. During his 8 year career at JPM Law Office he acted as a legal advisor to H & M HENNES & MAURITZ, GMBH, Delta Real Estate, Swarovski, German Embassy, USA Embassy...

    more »
  • Craig Smith, osnivač i izdavač, Europa Property

    Craig Smith founder and publisher of several publications, with over 15 years’ experience in Central & Eastern Europe, Russia - CIS and Asia. Extensive experience in organizing business events, conferences, moderating panel discussions on real estate, energy, film finance, general business and political sectors.

    more »
  • Branislav Živković, stariji partner, Živković Samaržić advokatska kancelarija

    Branislav is founding partner of Živković-Samardžić, one of Serbia’s leading full-service independent law firms, practicing law in the areas of corporate, real estate and commercial services from 1988. Branislav worked as a trainee in the Dejan Živković law office from 1988, and subsequently as an inependent attorney at law until merging with Nebojša Samardžić...

    more »
  • Alexander PETRITZ, CEO, ISD Institute for Structured Development

    Born in 1965 at Rijeka - Croatia. He is a regional developer and urban planner, specialized in the South-East-European region. He was the Austrian Government Coordinator for Reconstruction and Development for the former Yugoslav area (1991-2001) – with mission-focus first on Bosnia and Herzegovina, later on Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

    more »
  • Stojan Semiz - Partner CMS

    Stojan Semiz is a local partner at CMS Belgrade and head of the Real Estate and Project Finance Team. He specializes in mergers & acquisitions and strategic transactions, principally in the real estate sector and has been involved in many high-profile corporate deals throughout the CEE region.

    more »
  • Boško Tomašević, pomoćnik direktora, šef agencijskog odeljenja JLL-a Srbija

    Bosko has more than 8 years of experience in real estate business as he spent two years in New York City and more than six years in Serbia . He is heading the entire Agency department overlooking office, retail, land and logistic agencies. He will be also heading agency activities in countries like Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina , FYROM and Bulgaria.

    more »
  • Vladimir Filipović, predsednik Uprave „Filipović poslovno savjetovanje“ d.o.o.

    Educated as a lawyer, born 25.06.1955. in Petrinja, Croatia. Graduated at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb in 1979. Master’s degree in 1988. He practiced Law from 1990 -1999. Founder and President of Board of the "Filipović Business Advisory" since 2000. year.

    more »
  • Dubravko Ranilović, Vlasnik agencije Kastel Nekretnine

    Edukations Dubravko Ranilović is born in 1964. In Sttutgart, Germany. He finished Secondary School for Economics in Zagreb 1983, he graduated Faculty of Law in Zagreb, University of Zagreb in 1991 and Professional exam for real estate agents in 2009. godine. Experience and Activities He had a internship at a private legal office form 1992 to 1995; He si founder and director from 1994 till today of „Kastel Real Estate“Agency.

    more »
  • Luke Dawson - Managing Director Colliers

    Luke joined Colliers International in 2004, based in the Vancouver office. Most notably, he was heavily involved in the partnership transaction with FirstService, leading the global coordination of the due diligence process. As Director of Corporate Development, Luke became focused on operations analysis and international merger and acquisition activity while working closely with the company's Chief Operating Officer.

    more »
  • ANTON KOŽAR, Real Estate Institute d.o.o.

    Mr. Anton Kožar (born 1959) experienced a variety of jobs in his 30 years long carrier. He passed the Faculty of Economics in Slovenia, obtained a Master of Science degree in 1991. He started in the Building Company (2 years). Then, he has worked for 13 years in the central bank of Slovenia in the Research Department, particularly on financial programing and policy and econometric studies (balance of payment).

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