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VI SEE Real Estate Exhibition & Conference

17-21 June 2013 XIX i XXV floor, Business center Ušće, Belgrade, Serbia

Rebec Conference - General info

About REBEC 2013 conference, XIX sprat BC Ušće

Just like in the past five years, this year REBEC offers to its participants and visitors, a rich conference program. The conference part of REBEC will last for two days, from Tuesday, 18th June, starting at 9:30h, to Wednesday, 19th June, when the closing ceremony of that part of the event, is scheduled for 16:00h, as well as the announcement of the REBEC 2014.

The conference program will take place on the XIX floor of Ušće Shopping Centre, in the adequately equipped space of the SEE Offices. The space is organized in such a way that all the available comforts can be used, as well as other accompanying features of this space, already offered by SEE Offices to the local market.

A special addition to the organization of this year's conference part, is the opportunity for the participants of that part of the event, to follow it in two ways. Directly, while being present on the XIX floor in the area set up for the conference; and indirectly, in the part of the XXV floor of Ušće Business Centre.

This year, we will provide for the visitors of the conference the opportunity take the advantage of the informal atmosphere of the XXV floor space, specially arranged for this occasion, following indirectly the live coverage of the current panel. In such a way, the guest will not miss any part of the conference, but will at the same time have a chance to hold a short business meeting if needed.

Apart from the above mentioned, on the entire XXV floor the fair-exhibition part of REBEC event will take place. Therefore, in order to simplify things, and make an additional offer of terms available for business get-togethers and meetings, during the panel discussions. We are looking forward to offering an atmosphere which is not strictly conference-like, but a place where people talk and listen to each other.

The interested parties will have an additional opportunity to communicate and socialize in a much more relaxed and comfortable way, for a longer time during the day and panel discussions. This is what we particularly had in mind in relation to sudden business time limits, because a number of visitors will in this way be able to afford a better and more frequent implementation of business communication that they anyway expect to achieve during this year's REBEC.

This is definitely the premier of such a form of organization of complex specialized events, such as REBEC, whose needs otherwise surpass the existing uniqueness of the space. Thus, we enable the following of the conference event from another place, in parallel, thanks to the direct TV coverage, within the smoking area, next to the bar with refreshments. We expect that in such a way, numerous business meetings will take place, without being burdened by the conference schedule of the conference part of the program. Also, in a business atmosphere offered and conceived in such a way, the visitors will be able to openly comment panels, without disturbing the panels taking place, while at the same time watching them via live TV coverage.

For this year, the organizers will offer 10 panels altogether, 6 during the first day and 4 during the second day. The details can be seen on our site, where the information are given, specifically related to the program, with the schedule in hours, topics and sub-topics, moderators and speakers, with their short biographies and accompanying images.

image of XXV floor

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