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VI SEE Real Estate Exhibition & Conference

17-21 June 2013 XIX i XXV floor, Business center Ušće, Belgrade, Serbia


Dubravko Ranilović, Vlasnik agencije Kastel Nekretnine

Dubravko Ranilović is born in 1964. In Sttutgart, Germany. He finished Secondary School for Economics in Zagreb 1983, he graduated Faculty of Law in Zagreb, University of Zagreb in 1991 and Professional exam for real estate agents in 2009. godine.

Experience and Activities
He had a internship at a private legal office form 1992 to 1995;
He si founder and director from 1994 till today of „Kastel Real Estate“Agency. Specialised for investments, development, appraisal, and mediation, where I still work;
He is a co-founder from 1994. of the Real Estate Exchange (BURZA NEKRETNINA) - the largest systematic data base of real estate in Croatia;
Starting from 1995 he initiated the founding of the Association of Real Estate Companies within the Croatian Chamber of Commerce;
From 2004 untill 2012 is co-owner and one of the founders of the tourist and development company Petral;
He si the Chairman of the Association of Real Estate Companies from 2001 till today;

Occupation and Work Scope
- real estate counseling
- real estate project development
- investing in real estate
- real estate trade

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