Stanko Komarica, Director, Desk & More, Serbia

Stanko Komarica is an experienced senior director with a successful track record in managing multinational organizations in Serbia. Known for his ability to drive growth through strategic development of company structures, policies, and procedures, Stanko excels in attracting and retaining clients, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring client satisfaction.
Currently serving as the Director at Desk&More, Marera Investment Group in Belgrade, Serbia since December 2019, Stanko is responsible for managing investments within a 14,000m2 portfolio. He is actively involved in creating, developing, executing, and evaluating long-term business plans and investment paths. Stanko oversees company operations, sales, and services teams, while implementing sales strategies and introducing new products to boost revenue and increase EBITDA. He has successfully built a network of potential clients and large accounts, ensured a loyal customer base and achieving sales and profit goals.
Stanko holds a Master of Economics degree with a specialization in IT Accounting frauds and Internal Audit. Throughout his career, Stanko has actively engaged in various projects and activities, acquiring valuable certifications and skills. Notable projects include the management and design of the Desk&More application and platform, and the implementation of human resources software solutions at Manpower Group Serbia. He has also participated in conferences and obtained certifications in areas such as entrepreneurship, IT, and marketing.