As in the past then years, this year too, REBEC will offer to its participants and visitors a comprehensive exhibition program. The exhibition part of REBEC will last for three days, starting from Monday, 17th June - with the opening ceremony, to Wednesday 19th June - with the closing ceremony, including the announcement of REBEC 2020 event.

After the opening ceremony on 17th June at 1200h, according to the protocol, a joint visiting of all exhibitors will follow. According to the program, which will be defined prior to 1st June, all interested participants will have a chance to be present at continuous promotions and press conferences which will take place in the period from 1300h to1700h.
The exhibition part of the event will be open every day from 1000h to 1800h.

This expo has been designed as an interactive manifestation, with the aim to enable the exhibitors to present their new projects and provide accurate and valuable information on the investment opportunities of Serbia and SEE region, as far as the development of all types of real estate is concerned.

The exhibition program will take place in the part of the Congress hall "Tzar Lazar”, the space that has been, in accordance with the occasion, adequately equipped and arranged. Our exhibitors will be offered a chance to use all the advantages of the exhibition space to its maximum, including fully available comfort, equipment and other accompanying features of this space.

In the spatial set up of this year's REBEC, the exhibition space is located and oriented and the perimeter of the Conference Hall 1 and oposit of Conference Hall 2. Exhibition area is positioned in the central part of REBEC programs to draw the attention of all visitors and participants of this year's REBEC.
Within the expo space, we additionally offer a choice of terms available for business get-togethers/meeting, even during the Conference discussion panels that will take place in the Conference halls 1 and 2 and by "Invitation only" in rooms named "Munich", "Vienna" and "Cannes".

An additional opportunity of a less formal and perhaps more pleasant communication will be available for all interested parties for a longer time during the day. We paid special attention to this feature of REBEC, having in mind that a number of visitors might have unplanned time limits due to their business obligations. In such a way, they will still have a chance to fulfill their own expectations regarding the business communication and networking achieved, which is one of the commonly expected goals of this year's REBEC. Additional and special place for networking, this year will be positioned on the open space / garden  of the Hilton Hotel, which leans to the Conference hall 1.