SEE Property Forum 2014 in Belgrade

A one-day SEE Property Conference will be held in Belgrade on Thursday 29th May. The event that is organized by the renowned Portfolio media groups from Hungary in the prestigious hotel Metropol, will bring together professionals from the region involved in real estate development. The conference is divided into two blocks of topics, with 26 speakers altogether. They are distributed to five panels, each with two introductory presentations, before each block of topics and at the final roundtable
The current issues and trends in the real estate markets of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania will be presented in front of about 200 expected participants.
Together with the organizational and program support of RICS representative office  based in Budapest for this region, the announced speakers are high ranking professionals of representative companies that are on the markets that are of interest to the program of the conference. In addition, there is a noticeable presence of speakers from Austria, which indicates two things: first, that the presence of Austrian investors in these markets is visible and, second, that they have long ago gained the key experience and as such, are more than the recommended to be the speakers.
With a tradition established before ten years, Portfolio has regularly, every year up to now, organized Property conferences. Keeping in mind the growing investment interest in the real estate market in Serbia, it is no wonder that this year Portfolio will organize its annual event in Belgrade. In particular, we should add that a third of the speakers of this international RE conference are either  local prestigious professionals or professionals living and doing business in Serbian specialized real estate market.
All this indicates that Serbia ris apidly building its firm leadership position and  that it may be said, it has become a leader in the development of the regional market. This will be a unique opportunity for interested participants of the conference Portfolio to see for themselves the direction for the SEE region and whether Serbia will for many years be the most attractive investment market with a already leading position.

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