Jože Podgoršek, President of the Real Estate Association FIABCI Slovenia

FIABCI Slovenia (2011-2019 president),
Member of the SLO-CRO group (2013 board president)
The head of the Real Estate sector in Croatia market
Initiator for cooperation between Slovenian, Croatian and Serbia real estate experts
Initiator of the Slovenian real estate round table of expert analysts, architects, economists, bankers and advisors
Initiator for round tables about the international business cooperation between real estate experts of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia

With its contributions and energy, he works on achieving the recognition of local markets as well as the linking of experts specialized in the real estate sector and on achieving a greater recognition of the branch in the local and regional direction. Since April 2014, at trilateral meetings in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade, the professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina joined these meetings, too. He is the founder and director of HIŠKA ABC Ltd. This organization was founded in 1999, and is specialized for the activities of real estate management and brokerage on the markets of Slovenia and Croatia.