Joško Piteša, Operations Manager of IMMOFINANZ, Serbia

Josko Pitesa has 14 years of accumulated experience in real estate including 9 years of investment management and real estate selling and leasing business. Pitesa possesses knowledge and experience in locating and acquiring potential properties/investments, market analyses and researches, promotion, marketing, sales, leasing as well as real estate project execution. He is proven in promoting business collaborations between companies.
Before becoming the Operations Manager of IMMOFINANZ Serbia in 2018, Pitesa acted as the menaging director of VILE BOTINEC (Project Company of AVESTUS Real Estate).
Pitesa has was experience as local advisor and subcontractor in international residential real estate development. At the beginning of his career he was employed as real estate agent and had worked as local representative and technical support seeking for investment opportunities in Zagreb and the coast of Croatia.
He was also the professional basketball player and played for national team of Croatia.