Gerhard Doerfler, bivši Guverner Koruške, Austrija

1961 to 1970 mandatory schools
1970 apprenticeship as banker
Professional career:
1970 to 1985 Bank Manager, Volksbank, Feldkirchen, Carinthia
1985 to 1999 Senior Manager, Villacher brewery, district Feldkirchen, Carinthia
1999 to 2001, Senior Manager, Schleppe Brewery Klagenfurt, Carinthia
2001 to 2013, Member-councilor of the Carinthian state government,
  Minister responsible for, among others: road construction, railway construction,traffic in all section,  
  sports,tourism, childcare, international  relations and other
2008 to 2013 Governor of the Country Kärnten/Carinthia, Austria
2013 to 2017 Member of the Austrian Parliament Vienna in the Federal council
2017 -             Participant and speaker of international conferences