Dejan Hadžić, Head of the Insurance and Real Estate Group, Ministry of Finance, Government of Republic of Serbia

During his professional career, he worked in private and in the public sector, in responsible jobs and in leadership positions.

He was a member of different working groups (for drafting numerous laws, commissions, teams) and professional bodies (member of the Board of Directors), participated in the creation of internal, legal and subordinate regulations (insurance, banking, financial leasing, foreign exchange operations, mortgages, real estate appraisers ), in the creation of new products (voluntary pension insurance), was a lecturer at in-house seminars (finance, securities and securities markets) for preparation for taking an expert exam for carrying out mediation, ie advocacy in insurance, a lecturer at participated in negotiation with the members of the World Trade Organization in the process of accession of the Republic of Serbia to the WTO, participated in the negotiations (explanatory and bilateral cover for negotiating chapter 9 - Financial services and negotiation chapter 14 - Transport) in the process of accession of the Republic of Serbia to the EU, etc.

From the very beginning, he is involved in the development of a legal framework in relation to real estate appraisers. Member of the Expert Committee at the proposal of the Ministry of Finance.