Nemanja Gojšina, Head of Structured Finance, Banca Intesa Belgrade

Nemanja Gojšina is Head of Structured Finance at Banca Intesa Belgrade, responsible for managing projects portfolio and project fundings concerning real-estate development and renewable energy sources. Before joining Banca Intesa, he spent 10 years developing portfolio, managing and funding real-estate projects for UniCredit Bank Serbia. He also worked for Hypo-Alpe-Adria Banka Belgrade, with the 13+ years of experience in the banking industry and the local market.

Mainly working in real estate business, structure financing leading housing projects in Serbia, with more than 50 housing units and over 6 000 appartmant units, as well as in public comercial sector (shopping malls, retail parks, logistic complexies, office buildings).

He gaind his Master degree in 2005. Faculty of Economy Belgrade.

He is a loving father of two children and a passionate half-marathon and marathon runner.