Marko Filipovic, Deputy mayor, City of Rijeka

Deputy mayor of City of Rijeka from June 2013 till today. Main activities and responsibilities Shares mayor's obligations in representing the City. Helps the mayor in all matters relevant for City functioning, such as developing the City Strategy, strengthening the local self-government, considering urban planning and development, ecology, land and assets management, public utilities, cultural and sports events, functioning of educational institutions and kindergartens and related buildings, IT equipment, energy savings, budgetary issues, etc

Education and training
Title of qualification awarded State examination for Civil Engineers passed, enabling registration to the class of licensed Civil Engineers (Class: 133-04/07-01/268; No: 531-10-2-07-4), principal subjects/occupational skills Covered Civil engineer under licence - execution of specialised skilled works in Civil Engineering
Name and type of organization providing education and training  Republic of Croatia;
Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction, Level in national or international Classification
ISCED 5, VIIth degree of national classification, Title of qualification awarded
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered, College education knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering
Name and type of organization providing education and training University of Rijeka, Faculty of Civil Engineering