Petar Vasic, PhD, PhD Candidate and Lecturer, Faculty of Geography, Belgrade University

Dr. Petar Vasić was born in 1980 in Smederevo. He graduated Demography in 2003. as the best student of generation at Faculty of Geography in Belgrade. He attended postgraduate studies at Faculty of Economics in Belgrade where he defended his thesis entitled "Influence of selected demographic characteristics on the structure of household consumption in Serbia" in 2010. He defended doctoral thesis entitled "Age as demographic determinant of household consumption in Serbia", at the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade in 2016. During his career Dr. Petar Vasić gained scholarships by several institutions and has won numerous awards. He gained scholarship from Young talents fund of Smederevo, Republic foundation for the development of artistic and scientific offspring, Royal Norwegian Embassy, ​​the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of Serbia. He won the award for the best student of generation at Faculty of geography who graduated from the school year 2003/2004. As researcher  has so far been involved in four scientific projects, as follows: "The transition of society and economy in the process of regionalization and globalization - trends of changes and application models", Institute of Social Sciences; "Geosystemic base of spatial and functional organization of Serbia", the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade; "Demographic phenomena research in the function of public policies in Serbia", Institute of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade; "Low fertility in Serbia and Croatia from the period and cohort perspective - a better understanding for better projections" Faculty of Geography in Belgrade and the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. He works as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade, and also is a member of the Association of Demographers of Serbia and the Serbian Geographical Society.