ŠTEFANČIĆ DARKO, Certified Real Estate Valuer, PBZ Nekretnine Ltd, Croatia

Darko Štefančić (born 1954)  passed tihe Faculty  of Construction (FGZ Zagreb) and Faculty of Economics  (Zagreb and Split) and thus earned a combination of the two very important theoretical grounds: construction and economics.
He stared to work in 1981 as a key responsible person for building the object Viaduct Zagreb in Zagreb and latter on (1981-1989) promoted on more responsible works and became a director of technical department. He has been a member of Association of Croatian Engineers since 1985. Darko Štefančić is also a member of Chamber of Commerce in Croatia (committee for education of valuers), participated in the implementation of the stress test (ECB 2014), participated in drafting LGAF-Panel 7 (WB 2016), etc.
He has got international experience for supervisory in construction building. Namely, he worked in his own company in the period of (1990-2006) and taken the responsibility for supervision on final construction works in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Russia.
He continued his proffessional work on valuation field.  In the period of 2006-2007 he was a contractor to the PBZ Nekretnine (bank company) for many proffesional valuations that banke needed.
He took the main responsibility in the PBZ Nekretnine Ltd.for all valuations for the Bank in 2007 and thus the valuations of real estate is his main focus.
Apart work for the bank he is deeply involved in the specialised valuations for other major clients (insurance companies, major companies, etc.) . He has been nominated as a court valuer in 2006, which is mandatory in Croatia that could be authorized to work the assessment. He was invited on consultations  by the respective Ministries in Croatia (2013) which passed a new Law on valuation in Croatia in 2015 He was a member of the first High Commissioner for the assessment .
Darko Štefančičćis a key person in PBZ Nekretnine (Croatia) for real estate valuations. He is responsible  for processing, supervisory of valuations, aking procedures in the assessment PBZ Nekretnine, compliance with changes of regulations (domestic and foreign) and he managed to work out a lot of his own valuations every year for the bank.