Boštjan Boh, President of Association of Appraisal Companies in Slovenia, CCI Slovenia

Boštjan Boh (born 1961), CREV- Certified Real Estate Valuer in ABAKA Ltd and President of Association of Appraisal Companies in Slovenia, CCI Slovenia.
Boštjan Boh has finished Faculty for architecture, building and geodesy  (1989) and experienced variety of jobs. He earned CREV in 2008 and has got eith years experience in valuation and brokerage.
Namely, he worked for Slovenian Railway Company (1988-1992), Ministry of Defence (1992-1994) and Petrol (1994-1999). He has got a lot of experience as the engineer for building construction and geodesy and thus became a member of Chamber of Engineers of Slovenia (He is a member of Supervisory Committee). When he has been working for Defence Ministry he was the “Team Leader”, as a Cartographic, geographic and environmental  manager for developing geographical information system “RAGIS”, a very successful data system, that is  still in use nowadays.
He has established his own company (1999) and thus through the company working on very responsible projects for Slovenian companies. For example, he advised to the Petrol Joint Stock Company, for investments locations among Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia (2003-2006).
He has earned other experience in its own company about mapping, valuation and land developing for investors.