Heimo Rollett, Chief Editor, "Immobilienwirtschaft" Magazine

Heimo Rollett is chief editor of the magazine "Immobilienwirtschaft" (real estate industry), a supplement to the Austrian daily newspaper DerStandard with a circulation of 85.000. He has also created the online portal www.immobranche.at where all appointments and events relevant to the industry are displayed for easy review. A training database has been included for transparency on the (real estate) training and advanced education market.
As a journalist Rollet has been working on real estate issues for about 15 years, as senior editor for the magazine “Facility management” published by WEKA and then moved on to become chief editor of the magazine "Immobilien Magazins" (real estate magazine), a position he held for the following six years. He continues to write numerous articles for national and international publications in the field as well as he develops and takes care of customer magazines for various companies.