Jürgen Sonnleitner, Chief Engineer for LEEN-Projects in the Western Balkan Region, LEEN Austria

Jürgen Sonnleitner, Corporate representative for LEEN Austria, moderator of international LEEN-Networks, and Chief Engineer for LEEN-Projects in the Western Balkan Region. Besides, he is co-founder and owner of E.C.O. Energiespar GmbH and certified auditor with several years of experience in energy-efficiency-projects for different branches.
Using his broad expertise in technical, economical and communicational aspects he is able to consult the implementation of measures to gain verifiable cost-benefits, and additionally develop marketing and organizational issues for sustainable Energy-Efficiency-Projects.
Jürgen Sonnleitner lectured at different Austrian continuation schools for Mechatronics and provided a Master-Thesis about electrical range-extenders for electrical cars, as well as a Diploma-Thesis about the economical and ecological aspects of energy savings in companies.