Mirjana Prljević, Predsednik TESLIANUM, Editor of SCIENTIA Morning

Co-founder and President of the EIC TESLIANUM, with over 20 years’ experience in strategic positioning in the field of entrepreneurship and has a rich experience in governmental advisory experience.
She was guest teacher at several universities across the world:
  • London School of Commerce, Harvard,
  • BIMBA-Beijing International MBA,
  • Antai College Shanghai Jiao Tong University,
  • Moscow Higher School of Economics, etc.
Her book “The Strategy of Positioning as a Key of Success” has been translated in seven languages and earned award for “The Book of the Year” at 4th International Brand Fair, for the author’s book-practicum at Belgrade, 2008.
Mrs. Prljevic is the author of various articles and projects in the energy efficiency domain, such as: project “SCIENTIA - Small Cities Energy Efficient Territorial Innovative ActionAdvocacy NGOs networks for sustainable use of energy and natural resources in the Western Balkans and Turkey – ETNAR, IPA-CSF-2014/351-683”, article “Energy Efficiency as a driving force of the sustainable country development”,  article “Energy saving creates new jobs”, article “LEEN: Learning Energy Efficiency Network methodology as a driving force of the sustainable country development”, and others.
Mrs. Prljevic is awarded with the first place at the Tender Innovation & Renewable Energies in Rural Africa initiated by World Bank, for the project “Rural Cyber Space Package”, ordered by Governmental agency ASER/ Senegalese Rural Electrification Agency, Senegal, 2011.
Actively participated at the REBEC 2010 conference as one of speakers on the panel related to the energy efficiency practice in Serbia.