Slaviša Pešić, Ph.D., the Group of Real Estate Intermediaries of Serbia, Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Presidency Member

Dr Slaviša Pešić is the owner and Managing Director of the Real Estate Agency “Riznica” from Niš, Serbia, that is established by him in 2004th, after long term experience in Electronic industry in Niš and in education.
Multidisciplinary manger and consultant with the technical knowledge and problem solving skills to succeed in multiple industries – from engineering in production processes, through production management and different managers positions up to science work and managing development teams for improving production and business in the companies at all. Engineering and production experience he has gained in the big system of “Ei-Niš” (Complex production and research factory employing over 20.000 employees organized similar to Siemens and Philips), particularly in the Factory for production of printed circuit boards. This factory has employed over 400 employee’s and has a very complex production with many different production paths. In this factory he has passed complete career development from Process engineer and Engineer for production preparation up to manager positions as R & D & Marketing manager and General Manager. His science work was connecter with Faculty for Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade where he has earned the titles of M.Sc. and Ph.D. on the Department of Electrochemistry. He has published 12 science papers in respectable domestic and international publications and symposia, including 50th International Symposium of Electrochemistry in Pavia, Italy 1999. His papers were cited in the monograph „Fundamental Aspects of Electrometalurgy“ that was published by Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers 2002. In his expertise for investment projects, the experience in Real Estate was shortage, so he has established a small company “Riznica” as to improve his knowledge about the market of properties. With this company he has earned wide respect throughout the Serbia and wider and was contributing to improving professionalism, society organization and law regulatory in Serbia.
“Riznica” is member of the Real Estate Cluster in Serbia as well as one of the cofounder of the Group of Real Estate Agencies in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the member of different bodies of this society.
Slaviša Pešić has organized few conferences in Niš with the subject of Real Estate bussines immprovment, organization of societies and law regulatory.