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Tomáš Vavřík

Tomáš Vavřík

CEO and founder of DOMOPLAN

Tomáš Vavřík entered the development field through studies in andragogy and successful entrepreneurship in the tourism industry. His interest was sparked by designing his own house. In 2010, he founded DOMOPLAN, which grew into the largest developer in Brno over ten years and expanded internationally in 2021. In 2016, he established a similarly named investment fund for qualified investors, allowing others to share in the success of DOMOPLAN's construction projects, leading to rapid growth of the company.
As a Renaissance man and visionary, Tomáš soon found that designing merely attractive and high-quality buildings was no longer enough. He expanded his interests to include related services and construction supplies, building the enlightened brand family of FIPOX Group. If you encounter a brand belonging to this family, know that it represents a brand enriching its field with significant innovations and contributing to the enhancement of everyday life for all of us.
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