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Zarko Malinovic

Zarko Malinovic

Assistant Minister, Ministry of Internal and Foreign Trade, Serbia

Responsible for creating and implementing macroeconomic policy in the area of prices; market supply and price movement and supply and demand ratio; monitoring and analysis of business and trade development with proposals for measures to stabilize market movements; proposing systemic solutions on special import duties, primarily agricultural and food products; preparation of professional bases for drafting laws, by-laws and their amendments; monitoring and implementation of adopted regulations from the scope of the Sector; implementation of established economic policy in the area of prices; monitoring and analyzing the movement of prices of products and services, primarily of public companies, analyzing the movement of purchasing power and living standards of the population; proposing current economic policy measures that affect price stability; monitoring and analysis of the situation in the field of competition; development of professional bases for defining measures and activities for the improvement of competition and proposing measures for intensifying the application of European standards in the field of competition protection, managing the implementation of the project of the Republic of Serbia's appearance at the International Exhibition EXPO 2025 Osaka
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