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Rick van Heumen

Rick van Heumen

Ceo, Eurasian Real Estate Investment Management D.O.O, Serbia

Rick van Heumen has been active in real estate for 40 years with extensive international involvement including 11 EU countries, long standing management track – record and impressive international network.
His roles in different real estate business segments were pivotal and lead to international growth of companies he was managing as well as integration and expansion of distinctive disciplines within real estate markets.
Rick’s experience covers all segments related to real estate – architecture/urban planning, construction, development, financial engineering, investments, and restructuring.
Throughout his extensive, multidisciplinary and flourishing career, Rick also participated in shaping legal frameworks and joint ventures (e.g. ING RE, Schiphol Real RE) in several real estate markets and subsequently positioned himself as a professional with expertise covering the whole real estate cycle.
Areas of expertise in real estate projects related to mixed use / retail / workplace / residential / hospitality / logistics/ life science.
Rick is currently managing EURASIAN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (EREIM) AND Q INVEST – the first alternative investment fund for real estate licenced by the Republic of Serbia Securities Commission. His mission is to bring and further develop alternative investment model in Serbia and enable potential private investors to participate in (co)ownership of real estate without their direct engagement and to facilitate attractive return on investment through attractive regular and stable income.
Besides the above, The View of Rotterdam B.V. a state-of-the-art mixed waterfront development/investment located in Rotterdam is under Rick’s management.
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