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Aleksandar Knezevic

Aleksandar Knezevic


Aleksandar Kneževic, the team leader of architects, designers, and artists, leads the creation of nature-inspired structures, using biomimicry as a key concept. Through the synergy of art, science, architecture, design, and ecology, their goal is to enhance the beauty of the world around us.
Founded in 2018, Evozome Design emerges from experiments with various materials, deeply rooted in the complexity of natural forms like ZOME. Their architectural vision leans towards subtle, organic shapes derived from nature, fostering the evolution of the concept of habitation.
The aesthetics of their structures stem from the inherent design, refined through development and placement within natural settings. Aware of the impact of natural materials on human experience, the Evozome Design team carefully selects durable and high-quality resources, particularly wood.
Their creations, such as the Armadillo and Diamond models and unique swings, come to life spontaneously, driven by inspiration or client demands. A key challenge lies in adapting the geometric form of ZOME to different purposes and locations, emphasizing harmony and aesthetics in natural surroundings, with ecological sustainability as an imperative.
Evozome invites people to experience the uniqueness of nature through their creations!

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