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Tamara Gavrić

Tamara Gavrić

Founder, Multipraktik Design Studio, Prague

Tamara is an architect and interior designer, founder of Multipraktik Design Studio. With a degree from Politecnico di Milano, Tamara embarked on her career in Italy, bringing a variety of international experience to her practice. Originally, from Belgrade, Serbia, currently based in Prague, she has left her mark on a broad spectrum of international projects, ranging from residential and commercial interiors to exhibit trade stands and urban design initiatives.
At the heart of Tamara's work is a profound commitment to understanding the psychological impact of environments on their inhabitants. She firmly believes that our surroundings are a direct extension of our personal narratives, mirroring every facet of our identity. This belief has guided her approach to design, ensuring that each project not only meets but also exceeds the expectations of those who inhabit these spaces, fostering a deep connection between the individual and their environment.
Beyond her architectural and design expertise, Tamara is a certified holistic interior designer and colour therapist in interiors. This unique blend of qualifications enables her to integrate principles of psychology and human-centered design into her work, crafting spaces that harmonize with the goals, needs, and desires of their occupants. Her methodology is not just about aesthetics but about creating healthy environments that support and reflect the individuals, they serve.
An impassioned lecturer, Tamara is dedicated to educating and motivating others about the significance of living in spaces that promote well-being and personal fulfillment. Her speaking engagements are not merely presentations but interactive experiences designed to inspire her audience to envision and create living and working spaces that are true reflections of their aspirations and essence. In sharing her insights and expertise, Tamara continues to inspire and catalyze positive change in the world of interior design.

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