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Semsudin Plojovic

Semsudin Plojovic

Full profesor, Information Technology School, Belgrade

Semsudin Plojovic is a full professor and project manager with over 15 years of experience in computer science and economics. With two PhD degrees, first in econometrics and the other in management he is leading Center NIT as a place that connects people, companies and real estate in Southwestern Serbia.  
He has worked as the head of the Department of Computer Science at the International University of Novi Pazar,  additionally, he has been a project manager for various projects such as "Klinika," "BusSharp," "BauSharp," and "IT Camp" at CentarNIT and Regional Innovation Startup Center Novi Pazar.
Currently, he is a full-time professor at Information Technology School in Belgrade and project manager for IT Incubator, StartUp center, and coworking space at Centar NIT Novi Pazar.
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