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Aleksandar Pavic

Aleksandar Pavic

Professor, Vibration Engineering Section at the University of Exeter, UK.

Prof. Aleksandar Pavic, Professor of Vibration Engineering, leads the Vibration Engineering Section at the University of Exeter, UK. Professor Pavic’s internationally leading expertise is in vibration serviceability of slender civil engineering structures, such as long-span floors, footbridges and grandstands, which are occupied and dynamically excited by humans. He made his academic career by modelling, testing and monitoring full-scale building floors, footbridges, grandstands, staircases, long and tall structures, and learning how these structures behave in the real world.
This research portfolio is underpinned by advanced research tools such as vibration testing and system identification of as-built large civil engineering structures using full-scale modal testing and finite element model correlation and updating technology based on experimental measurements.
Professor Pavic is a founding Editor-in-Chief of Vibration journal and has edited special issues of international journals devoted to vibration performance of civil engineering structures. In addition, his co-authorship or contribution has been recognised in state-of-the-art design guidelines. These are currently used in the UK and internationally for checking vibration serviceability of floors and footbridges.
Furthermore, he co-authored and helped experimental verification of worldwide most advanced design guidelines on crowd dynamic loading of grandstands published by the UK Institution of Structural Engineers in 2008. He sat on British Standards Institution (BS6472) and International standardisation Organisation (ISO10137) committees developing standards pertinent to vibration serviceability.
Professor Pavic’s expertise is sought after by industry and he is a Managing Director of Full Scale Dynamics Ltd, a university spin-off company specialised in commercial testing, monitoring and performance assessment of full-scale civil engineering structures. He is also a founder and Business Development Director of FSD Active Ltd. - a fast growing university start-up manufacturing company. FSD Active manufactures and distributes around the world CALMFLOOR - the world-first commercial active mass damper that replaces construction materials and structural modifications in controlling building floor vibration.
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