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Guy Perry

Guy Perry

Vice President Urban, Planning and Design, Dubai, Middle East

Guy Perry is an architect, urban designer and developer with global experience in conceiving and realizing market-leading environments that foster sustainable human well-being.  For over three decades, Guy has set new standards for development and urban design in a wide range of urban settings around the globe, receiving top accolades from ULI, ISOCARP, International Academy of Health and Design and the SOM Foundation. He combines design and development expertise to create economically viable, environmentally sustainable, human focused environments.
Guy has been leading the vision and development strategy of many of the most complex regional, urban and district and real estate projects underway the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Europe
McKinsey projects have ranged from cities and districts to sensitive environmental, ecological and religious sites. He creates projects that ensure success through sustainably and efficiently redefining market standards. Work on regeneration in Medina, Mecca and Abha
Prior to working with McKinsey, Guy was President of Cities & Strategy of the Essel Group based in Mumbai, India where he dealt with themes of sustainable Human centric urbanization from the scale of the village to that of new cities. While at AECOM, Guy was leading the through innovative work on projects throughout Asia Pacific around human and ecological metrics. With his own firm, IN-VI, he led the development of Europe's largest private development of this century. He began his career planning and designing key components of the Barcelona Olympics. Guy has also taught and lectured at Hong Kong University, MIT and Harvard University
Pre-McKinsey experience
  • Essel Group: President Cities & Strategy (Mumbai, India) 2016-2017
  • AECOM: Executive Director, Building and Places, APAC, (Hong Kong) 2014-2016
  • IN-VI Investment Vision+Environments: President (Zurich, Warsaw and São Paulo) 2000-2014
  • TrizecHahn Europe: Senior Vice President (London) 1998-2000
  • HOK: Vice President (St. Louis headquarters and worldwide offices) 1996-1998
  • Kajima: Project Manager (Tokyo, Paris and Brussels) 1989-1996
Highlighted projects
  • Began career working on the modernization of Barcelona for the 1992 Olympics
  • Led the strategy for Central Europe’s largest urban regeneration, the Corvin Setany in Budapest
  • Led the regeneration of the Historic GdaƄsk shipyards and Granary Island
  • Regenerated the largest historic structure in Kiev to become the premier cultural venue in Ukraine
  • Reconstructed the historic core of Ronco sopra Ascona in Switzerland
  • Regeneration strategy for the historic core of Shantou, China
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Design – Master of Architecture, Master of Urban Design
  • Rice University - Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
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