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Opening ceremony of REBEC 2012 event


On Monday, 18.of  June at 13h at the Belgrade Fair, Hall IV on the first floor opening ceremony of this years REBEC event will be held.

During the opening ceremony, exhibition of selected sports facilities that were built in London for this years Summer Olympics will be presented.

This is a great opportunity to display the latest world achievements in sports infrastructure which at the same time present urban and investment project, especially related to improving energy efficiency and quality of sports facilities!

It is also an opportunity to present to local and wider professional community trends in quality which is developed daily around the world.

This is a modest attempt of organizer to draw attention to the exceptional importance of the results achieved in London.

We expect to see you at the opening!


"5 days to the apartment" - an action for faster and cheaper real estate

This year's REBEC on its five-year anniversary launches a promotional campaign "5 days to the apartment" with Cluster Property (Association of Real Estate Agencies) and Piraeus Bank.  Action takes place from 18. to 22. of June 2012. year. To  real estate buyers within this action we offer a possibility to buy  faster and cheaper desired property because they are offered a unique opportunity to purchase an apartment and to save up to 5% of its value. Organizers of this action, asked all parties involved that during this action they give up part of their profit so customers can in a more convenient way get to their apartments. This action is a unique concept that offers better and faster purchase of real estate.

 How to get a discount?                                                                          

1.        Apartments and discounts

You can find a list of more then 3000 apartments on the website  Klaster nekretnine has made an agreement with property owners a discount price. Discount can be seen on the website. During this action, members of cluster, are giving a discount on their services, so a fee that customer pays will be 2 %.  This way a total cost that customer pays will be reduced.

2.        Affordable housing loan

Piraeus bank provides offers very affordable loans. Details can be found on ,as well in all brances of this bank in Serbia.

3.       All at one place

We invite those who have selected an aparment to visit us from 18. To 22. Of June, Belgrade Fair, Hall IV, first floor    (from 9 to 19 h) stand "5 days to the apartment," where they can expect all in one place representatives of real estate agencies, Piraeus Bank and verifying court order to perform all necessary administrative procedures for the purchase of the apartment.

This action takes place in this year's REBEC conference from 20.June at the Belgrade Fair Hall IV, whose basic duration because of this action extends to 22.of June.

For additional information about the campaign and how to better and faster get to your property, please contact us at . All discounts apply to transactions that started with closing on 22. of June 2012.

About Klaster

Klaster is an association of real estate real estate agencies whose establishment is initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management of Republic of Serbia. The basic idea was that business should unite forces in order to improve the housing market, better relationships with banks, lawyers, notaries, insurance companies ... Cluster members are real estate agencies and two well known research institutions - Institute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade and the Center for Cluster Development, Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.
List of member agencies and their complete list of cluster property you can find on our site


HTL Forum at REBEC 2012 event

At this year's REBEC conference which will be held from 18-20 June in a core program, among others, will be held for the first time, HTL (Hotel / Tourism / Leisure) Forum dedicated to the development of hotel / tourism industry and destinations associated with leisure in  Serbia and region.
It is the main part of REBEC 2012. On the block of three interconnected panels topics related to the arrival of brand hotels in Serbia and region and what is their impact on raising the value of the real estate market in Serbia and region will be presented. Then follows the theme called "Hotel Development: leading roles in three steps" and the whole block will be completed with three excellent presentations of hotel brand development.
With great pleasure we announce presentation of Hilton Podgorica, Crowne Plaza and Radisson hotel "Old Mill" in Belgrade.
From the confirmed speakers, whose CVs can be found on REBEC website we particularly want to emphasize following representatives of the companies - participants / speakers / presentation by: PKF from Vienna, Horwath Consulting and Godiva Consulting from Croatia, URBIS from Serbia, representatives of the ACCOR hotel brand , HILTON, CROWNE PLAZA RADISSON and as well as specialized professionals who will perform in front of the CMS and the EBRD Croatia and from Soravia Group Serbia .
Comparing the past 4 years, this HTL Forum in conference part of REBEC offers highest quality which is offered so far to the audience.

REBEC was presented at REXPO in Zagreb 19/20 april 2012.

REXPO a specialized trade show/ conference event was held in Zagreb on 19. and 20. of  April , and it was  dedicated to investment of  developing  real estate in the region of the Adriatic Sea. With over 750 participants in fair part and nearly 100 speakers in the conference part, positive expectations of the visitors and organizers were confirmed.
This was an exceptional opportunity to present investment potential of Serbia to professionals from America, Europe and region. Therefore, the organizers of this year's REBEC in cooperation and consultation with colleagues from Zagreb conducted a presentation of this year's REBEC 2012 conference and exhibition.
In a survey that was conducted it is confirmed that hot topics are development of retail, hotel and industrial development of logistics centers in Serbia and that Serbia really has something to offer. Especially visitors from Austria, Britain,Slovenia and of course Croatia had very positive response to this year's topics and the overall program. This year REBEC will again consist of two panels on these topics, with particular representatives from Austria and region.
Also undisputed potential in the field of retail industry and evident indication of the arrival of large chain stores and names from the industry, confirms recovery of real estate market in Serbia. On the other hand announcement of the arrival of large operators in the development of logistics warehouse services further assure that this part of the market in Serbia will get better and closer to European standards.


MIPIM 2012 without the Serbian stand

This year from 6-9. of March MIPIM will be held. Every year in Cannes, in the second week of March the world's elite is gathered to choose the places of their new investments around the world. Also, the professionals who run investment projects are using this opportunity to successfully find their new partners who generally have a role to enclose the targeted investment.
This year  MIPIM 2012 will in many ways be crucial for Serbia.
First, FDI the prestigious biennial competition, and for the first time 7 cities and destinations from Serbia were rated. Best ranked was Inđija, second in the competition of effective spent funds, while municipality of  Sremska Mitrovica was third. Vojvodina was on the fourth place in the same category. Vranje was ranked on a fifth place of all micro cities and Zaječar on the seventh. Another seventh place went to Belgrade in the competition of effective usage of funds while Subotica was ranked ten of all cities in Southern Europe for the implementation of FDI strategy. At the ceremony representatives of the municipality Vranje and city of Belgrade were not present.
Second, our architect, Mrs. Nataša Bajc performed as the only invited professional from Serbia at the HTL conference. In front of her company "Urban Design" she presented projects related to development of hotel industry in Serbia and Montenegro, in which her company participated.
Third, after ten years of being present, this year Serbia did not  have its own stand. From the region except Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who normally do not enroll at this event, representatives from Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro were present. This is another indicator of long-term strategy of permanent enrollment on the MIPIM regardless the circumstances.
This year over 19 500 visitors from 81 countries world wide were present, while 4200 potential projects who seek investment partners were shown. In the next two days gala awards in 7 categories of investment types / objects will be handed, and on Friday several final presentations will be held  on the  booth of  Qatar, London and in particular stands of german cities  Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. Germany was the host of this years MIPIM 2012.

Source AG Real Estate / REBEC