Another Star in the Serbian Firmament of Retail Parks, September 3

In this year’s REBEC in the course of “Retail Development Afternoon” one piece of information sparked visitors’ special attention – it was a hint of imminent construction of a retail park/shopping centre in Gornji Milanovac. Due to its well established specialized regional market niche, REBEC got the exclusive right and opportunity to promote the beginning of the project’s development.
“Barmilton Properties” business company from Belgrade initiated the construction permit procedure for the construction of this  facility in Gornji Milanovac. “Shop Park” will be the brand name for the retail park development. Thus, through the nature of the project, the town and municipality of Gornji Milanovac, with the population of over 50,000, will join the exclusive group of Serbian towns offering a higher quality of life and services to their population, and also to guests visiting specifically this business point. Additionally, this is how a new and unique place for specialized content, and expected professional services accompanied by outstanding quality, will be given to over 29,000 residents of the town.

According to available data, "Shop park" will be in the possession of 7000m2 gross area and of over 200 parking spaces. For now, it is envisaged that a minimum of 28 stores will be offered to the market, where tenants will position themselves according to the predicted layout and their array of products will cover all the needs of the contemporary lifestyle. These numbers alone point to a very thoroughly planned and developed concept of the project itself which is the first and, for the time being, the only such project in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac. Of course, this will be the opportunity for a larger number of people to find employment in this project. As a result, "Barmilton Properties" from Belgrade will find itself among important local employers such as Tetra Pak, Metalac A.D, SwisslionTakovo, HG Hellios Group, Tipoplastika and many more.  

The location of "Shop park" is such that on the one side it is positioned next to the trunk road E 763, and on the other side it will look onto the town promenade by the Despotovica river. In the existing urban block, it is quite likely that this project, with its position and future content, will be generally recognizable and attractive to all those who gravitate towards the area of Gornji Milanovac. It will represent a new culture point as well, and a centre for many accompanying events aimed not only at the residents of the area. Also, having in mind the surroundings of the retail park, it will be an additional appealing potential and reason for the positioning and development of small businesses and other activities in the neighbourhood. They could all progress jointly and soon form a new business centre of Gornji Milanovac.
What "Shop park" will offer to the retail market in Serbia, apart from its concept, are two tenants/retailers from Turkey. These tenants from fashion category will most likely start conquering the Serbian retail market from this project in Gornji Milanovac. This is additional recognition, highlight and recommendation of this project.       

On the existing website, it is possible to see other content and information regarding this venture. Among other things, as mentioned on the website, the grand opening of this project is planned to be in May 2019. Let us wish good luck and success to all the entrepreneurs who will take part in the development of this undertaking in Gornji Milanovac.