Press Release for the XIII Filipović RE Conference

On 25 – 26 April, in Zagreb, will be held 13th RE Conference in a row. Traditionally, as it was done before at Epslanada Hotel, professionals from the Croatia as well as the professionals from the region will gather together to compare their own and to hear other opinions, views on the current development of the real estate capital investment market as well as predictions for the future.

What will make this event go down in history, or at least expectedly, is that this is the first time that in the conference program organizers provide one panel related to the development of the real estate capital market in Belgrade and Serbia. On the two add additional panels, there will be spokesmen from Serbia participating in the discussion, which has never been the case so far. This is another indisputable indication of the evident potential and attractiveness of Serbian real estate capital market. The panel in Belgrade / Serbia will include a total of 8 spokesmen, of which two keynote speakers and 5 spokesmen.
Details can be found on the web following page of this conference:
On the REBEC Fb page you will be able follow live coverage of this panel. We are waiting for you in Zagreb to jointly uphold and reinforce this panel and this event.