Jean-Marc A. Martin, Deputy Head of Division, Leading Operations in Slo, Cro & Western Balkans, Public Sector - Adriatic Sea Department, EIB

Jean-Marc Martin (born 1967) is a Luxembourgish national. He has masters degrees in Economics (1990) and Sociology (1992) from Strasbourg University/France. In 1991 Jean-Marc started working for the Dresdner Bank Group in Germany first in the Frankfurt head quarter (“Praktikum”) and then covering private client and corporate lending operations in the Saarbrucken branch.

In 1993 he moved to Dresdner Bank Luxembourg SA where he worked in the international loans and credit department before joining 1995 the projects and specialised finance department focussing mainly on mining and telecoms operations in EMEA and Latin America. In 1998 he took over the leadership (first as ”Prokurist” subsequently as “Sous-Directeur”) of this team.

In 2001 he joined the European Investment Bank (EIB) as “Senior Loan Officer” covering infrastructure lending operations in Hungary. During 2005 to 2014 as “Deputy Head of Division” he covered the bank's lending operations in Romania and Bulgaria.

Since 2014 he is the EIB’s country manager for its lending operations in Croatia. He is fluent in German, French, English and Luxembourgish and has a good command on Spanish.