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Vladimir Dojcilovic

Vladimir Dojcilovic

Director of Commercial Sales, EWE COMP, Serbia

Vladimir is an entrepreneur and educator who has been dealing with new technologies in education for more than two decades.
Currently, he is the director of partnerships at the EdTech Center of the Western Balkans, he is the director of a company for the production and distribution of teaching equipment and didactic resources - Fluks RV doo, and he is the director of the commercial distribution of one of the largest IT companies in the region - EWE Comp.
In addition to regular business activities and work on larger and smaller projects of equipping various facilities with IT, AV and CCTV equipment, he is focused on the implementation of modern equipment, software and procedures that make the learning process faster and more efficient.
He manages the integration processes of SkillTool Kit software for internal training in large public and private companies in the Balkans. In cooperation with partners from South Korea, he works on the development of digital solutions for the needs of the construction industry.
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