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5. Experts Forum
5. Experts Forum
Regioplan Consulting is organizing the fifth Experts Forum in Vienna, on 29th October 2009, this year under the title: "CEE/SEE Markets: Did We Come to Stay?”
RegioPlan Consulting is an international consultant with head office in Vienna specialized on location consulting and market analyses in Austria and Eastern Europe. For over 25 years Regioplan has been the business consultant of Ikea, Marionnaud, Deichmann, Rodamco Europe, ECE, Bank Austria Real Invest, and many other companies on the issues of location, consumers, trade and market in Austria and CEE/SEE. Having carried out more than 3,000 studies in 24 European countries, Regio-plan is the absolute address for interregional and international surveys. For more than 10 years Re-gioplan Consulting has been organizing own conferences and seminars that have become the must-attend events in real estate business.
At the beginning of the year, prior to Real Vienna, with approximately 350 participants, the greatest Regioplan’s conference takes place: The Shopping Center Symposia whose 11th edition has per-formed this year. Tops experts give lectures and reports on development and trends in the shopping center landscape in Austria and Eastern Europe. In autumn, the Experts Forum that has firmly es-tablished as the largest CEE real estate coference in Austria takes place for the 5th time this year. The conference performs in German and English languages.
The 5th Experts Forum theme addresses the current economic situation in CEE/SEE region and the resulting consequences for the investors, project operators and developers, top executives from retail trade industry and service providers. Many people put a question mark over the potential fu-ture markets in the CEE/SEE region. Was is the right decision to focus on those markets? How do trade, investors and developers deal with the current situation and what is coming next? New sce-narios and tangible ideas for positive development are in demand more than ever. Distinguished companies debate on acquired experiences, prospects for the future and, above all, how to launch the projects worth of investments and/or what projects can be financed at all.
In Vienna, on 29th October, many famous people will gather to exchange views about the future of the CEE market, get into touch and closer contacts and find new ideas. On the platform will be: Dr. Bruno Ettenauer (CA Immo International AG), KommR. Prof. Alfons Metzger FRICS CRE (MRG Metzger Realitäten), Roger Hambidge BA MRICS (Mosaic Property LLP), Mag. Wolfgang Mitterberger (Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG), Per Wendschlag (Inter IKEA Shopping Centre Group), Mar-kus Pinggera (Deichmann SchuhvertriebgesmbH), Alexander Korosec (Bestseller Handels GmbH), DI Wolfgang Richter (RegioPlan Consulting GmbH), etc.
ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) with help of ICSC Serbian National Committee
ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) with help of ICSC Serbian National Committee, chaired by Rastko B. Đokić has organized first Leasing Seminar "Sell shopping centers as branded concepts – not commodities – in a crisis". Seminar was held by Flemming Mervog, Leasing Director u Steen & Strøm Danska, award-winning Scandinavian owner and developer. 40 professionals from shopping center industry attended the seminar. Active type of seminar gave opportunity to attendees to make questions and get answers based on long experience and international practice. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) is the global trade and professional association for the shopping centre industry. ICSC is a not-for-profit organization with over 60,000 members in more than 100 countries worldwide. Our members include owners, developers, retailers, investors, retail consultants, architects, shopping centre managers and other real estate professionals. Membership brings benefits in developing your business and career through unique access to shopping centre intelligence and research, industry leaders and professionals across Europe and around the globe.
The new book
At mid August this year, the book titled ’’The Appraisal of Real Estate’’ will come out of press (283 pages, ISBN 978-86-7518-106-4) by the author DSc Manojlo Miladinović, regular Professor and Cathedra Chairman at the Study program of Geodesy at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade. The book is primarily dedicated to the students of the newly opened master module Real Estate Management (Land Law and Economy, ) at the Study program, and of similar programs of such studies.
The book appears at the same time when, perceiving the importance and need for mass appraisals of real estate in Serbia, the Republic Geodetic Authority in the Draft Law on State Survey and Real Estate Cadastre (April 2009) introduces a special chapter and provisions on mass real estate appraisal. That event will strongly initiate a number of activities in the sphere of real estate appraisal in Serbia such as high school and other education of the cadre, establishment of Association of Appraisal Officers of Serbia, issuance of licences, passing the relevant regulations and standards, founding of scientific institutes, and alike.
The book contains 28 chapters considerably based on the most significant editions in this field such as: The Appraisal of Real Estate, 12th edition, Chicago, 2001, Appraisal Institute, Property Appraisal and Assessment Administration, The International Association of Assessing Officers, 1990, Ermittlung des Verkehrswertes von Grundstücken und des Wertes baulicher Anlagen, 29. Auflage von 2002, 896 Seiten, Mit Abb., Musterformularen u. Tab. Oppermann Verlag GmbH & Co. i Mass Appraisal of Real Property, Chicago, 2007, International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).
Serbian representatives at EXPO Italia 2009
EXPO Italia 2009 was held between June 9 and 12 in Milan. It was the fourth issue of the manifestation, which is also known as EIRE, that is, Expo Italia Real Estate. EIRE is the event that is dedicated to real estate development achievements. It was organized at a different time than the last year, so that Real Vienna and EXPO Italia finally took place at different times. The increase in number of visitors and larger exhibition space than at the last year’s issue of EIRE already showed how long-sighted and effective that move was. This expo is primarily intended for Italian investors who, first of all, want to present their latest achievements, as well as to get potential developers interested in presenting their projects and ideas at this exhibition in Milan, that is, at “this real estate stock exchange“. Some of the “interesting“ markets whose appearance at this year’s EIRE drew the attention of visitors are Brasil, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Turkey. Turks especially stood out in the search for fresh investment capital, and they also benefited from the official visit of Turkish Prime Minister who, by visiting the national booth of Turkey, drew additional attention to their appearance and potentials for further development of Turkish real estate market.
As far as Serbia and promotion of its existing potentials related to real estate development are concerned, once again we did not have any exhibitors at EIRE. But that was the reason for initiation of a campaign for presentation of 4 projects whose quality, scope, nature of future use and expected engineering activities make them recommendable for future investment partnerships. That is why a mini presentation of projects by East Point, Port Beograd, Rudnap Group and Right Choice was organized. Judging from the first impressions, the presentation was excellent.
The representative of forthcoming REBEC used the visit to EIRE to get its hosts familiar with the details of this year’s programme, as well as with the contents and editorial policy of specialized magazine AG Real Estate. It can already be concluded that the quality of appearance of selected projects from Serbia at next year’s issue will be very high. After a three-year break, that will be an opportunity for Serbian real estates to, once again, draw attention of the investors who visit EIRE in Milan every year!
The First BLOK Conference Dedicated to Architecture and Construction Took Place
Models of project financing, energy efficient and healthy buildings, influence of quality construction to property value, dominant tendencies in aesthetic design, the greatest challenges in construction performance on contemporary facilities, problems that the architects face at facilities reconstructions – are only a part of the themes to which the experts were answering during BLOK Conference which took place at Zira Hotel in Belgrade on Thursday, 4 June.
At the first Architecture and Real Estate Conference BLOK, distinguished experts from Denmark (Andreas Klok Pedersen, BIG), Great Britain (Ken Allinson, Architectural Dialogue; Victoria Thornton, Open House), Singapore (Dr Ružica Božović Stamenović, National University of Singapore), and also from the region and Serbia (Saša Begović, 3LHD, Zagreb; Vladislav Ilić, Smith Hodgkinson; Richard Hazell, Colliers International; Danijela Ilić, Operational Center of Asset Valuers; Marija S. Todorović, VEA; Milan Dimitrijević, architect; Olivera Blažić, architect) gave their presentations.
“We initiated BLOK Conference with a desire to set this field in motion and promote it. Quality construction is important for the professionals in this industry, but even more for daily life of the citizens. We are sure that already the first BLOK will contribute to standards enhancement in architecture and construction, and we plan to make this conference a traditional gathering of experts and the place for exchange of experience with the leading world experts in architecture, design and construction”, stated Snežana Marković, Director of the company “Projemetal” who organized this conference.
BLOK Conference was opened on 3 June with the presentation of the book “ZIRA CONCEPT BUILDING”, the first book on a contemporary facility in Belgrade, and the exhibition dedicated to adaptation of Robne Kuće Beograd. The project RKB Reconstruction, one of the most complex assignments in our construction engineering, was performed by company “Projmetal” simultaneously protecting the familiar brand of Robne kuće Beograd and designing the appearance and technology of the most state-of-the-art facilities.
Belgrade International Architecture Week 2009 (BINA ’09) – titled simply RE... as an indicator of this year’s theme – is dedicated to the crucial issue of the relationship to the existing urban and architectural surroundings and possibilities of its permanent REproduction, actively involved in the projects for the future. The desire of the organizers is to revise the traditional concepts of REconstruction and REvitalization of the cultural heritage, mainly controlled by stiff methodologies promoted by lethargic institutions, suggesting new concepts that can help REgeneration and REintegration of the existing architectural framework into the lively contemporary practice. The theme of sustainable development and urban REcycling has been widely discussed in technologically advanced countries conscious of the fact that the racing powers of modernity have to be correlated to the inherited values. New generations of architects have started REthinking the potentials of their immediate surroundings in a more delicate manner than could be seen at the glamorous achievements of ‘’starchitects’’ who often forget to consider all the layers and qualities of the inherited context in favour of celebrating their own brands and requirements of the investors. The aim it to find and present the new way of thinking by those who argue for REaffirmation of the inherited REsources in the service of creativity and who pay attention to RE... in spite of the requests of investors, blinded by an easy profit expressed in square meters as much as aspirations for a ‘’wow-effect’’ architecture, but also argue against administrative norms invented by promoters of bureaucratized pseudo-tradition.
Belgrade International Week of Architecture 2009 will gather again various professionals involved in REthinking of urban context, various generations who will share old ideas with the new ones, and representatives from different countries who will highlight the trends and experiences from their specific surroundings. The ambition of this year’s Week is to encourage theoretical thinking and open public debates in service of a fertile practice within real activities: planning, designing and realization. It is expected that such exchange of knowledge and ideas will generate new visions for the REanimation of the already existing architectural environment and of future projects open for a dialogue with the already existing domain. As before, Architecture Week ’09 is open both to professionals and the broad public to whom it will present and approach, apart from this year’s specific theme RE..., the recent accomplishments in the field of architecture and urban planning from the domestic and international scene. Like in previous years, the program of the Week includes exhibitions, lectures, guded walking tours, workshops, films, seminars and roundtables. With a belief that this Architecture Week will gather people of good will and open attitudes, experts and connoisseurs, as well as citizens, enthusiasts eager to expand their knowledge and ideas, the organizers cordially invite us all to joint them.
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Real Vienna 2009
At real estate and investment expo "Real Vienna 2009", which was held in Vienna between May 26 and 28, over 240 exhibitors from 24 countries presented themselves at 16,000 square meters of exhibition space. In addition to world-renowned investment funds, banks, building companies and specialized business magazines, cities, countries and regions were also presented at the expo. General estimates are that, although the presented projects were excellent, investors still wait for the right moment to get in action.
Company "Verano Group" had independent and very noticed appearance. "Verano Group" owns over 500,000 square meters of space under construction and more than 600,000 square meters of space for further development of first-class office space in Belgrade and Serbia, intended for sale or lease. The projects that this company presented in Austrian capital city are: exclusive office space "B23 Office Park" – the first building of AAA class in the region, "Department Stores Beograd" – the largest chain of department stores in the country, "Zira Center", "Trošarina Shopping Mall", and "Brdo Shopping City" – the first retail park in Belgrade.
Investments in Serbia were also the theme of the panel discussion that was held on the first day of the expo. One of the speakers at that panel was Krsta Sandić, the Vice President of "Verano Group". When asked what he would recommend to investors as far as investments in Serbia are concerned, Mr. Sandić said that it would definitely be commercial office space.
At the cocktail party that was organized at the booth of "Verano Group", which was attended by Dragan Velikić, the Ambassador of Serbia to Austria, and his associates, investors, businessmen from Serbia and around the world, the representatives of SIEPA, which also had independent appearance in the exhibition, and the representatives of media companies from Serbia and the region, general opinion was that the exhibition was an excellent opportunity for establishment of contacts between the companies that present their projects and those that advise on best investment opportunities, the result of which should be concrete business arrangements.
By the way, “Real Vienna" is famous for top-design expensive booths and equipment. The Management of "Real Vienna" gave the highest mark to the presentation of company "Verano Group".
- This year’s participants showed their creativity and presented fantastic projects. The booth of Serbian "Verano Group" took us to some other dimension and made us believe that we are at the sea and that there is a glass ship near us. This impressive structure successfully united the symbols of expectations for the future and merged this dimension with the realistic position, which is the most important for successful realization of business – said Vera Gastberger, one of the managers of "Real Vienna".
Announcement for REBEC 2009
Media Press Center, Belgrade, May 21st, 2009,

At today’s press conference, the organizers of REBEC announced the forthcoming event to the public. Having presented a short analysis of results from the last year’s premiere, which was held between June 23 and 25, the Director of REBEC event, Aleksandar Opsenica, announced this year’s events.
In the modern premises of Centre “Sava“, between June 22 and 24, after the fashion of similar traditional specialized manifestations in Europe and the world, REBEC will this year offer two-day conference (June 23 and 24) and accompanying three-day exhibition (June 22, 23 and 24) to the public. Having in mind the needs for comprehensive consideration and presentation of the current state of real estate development in Serbia, as well as in the region in certain segments, according to the last year’s concept, which proved to be very successful, the conference will comprise 7 panel discussions (four on the first day and 3 on the second day). In addition to expected themes related to city planning, greenfield and brownfield investments, the state of capital market related to real estate development support, analysis of situation and prospects of modern office space development, hidden potentials in application of PPP model in Serbia, as well as legal prospects, special panel discussions about hotel industry development in Serbia and the region and the panel discussion about broader scope of operations related to supply of project management services to the investors in Serbia will be offered to the public for the first time this year. The organizers especially pointed to confirmed participation of Carlton Ervin, Vice President, Marriott International Inc, Saša Golubović from Cushman & Wakefield Hospitality, EMEA, Chris Davidson from Merrill Lynch International from London, Denis Petković, Partner in Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP from London, as well as Bryan Beaton from Belgrade-based Office of King Sturge Ltd. When it comes to local speakers, participation has, so far, been confirmed by Marko Mićanović, Partner in Altis Capital Ltd., Nenad Stanković from legal office Joksović, Stojanović and Partners, Vladimir Djelić from legal office Božović, Djelić & Ivković, and Jovan Jovanović, Country Manager, Danos Ltd.
One of the improvements in regard to the previous events will be the expanded programme of events within the exhibition part of REBEC. There will be three specialized discussions whose themes are: state and prospects of facility management development, residential development, and retail space development. On the final day of all REBEC events, the retrospective of investment projects and investment ideas that drew the greatest interest of users of web portal eKapija in 2008 will be presented to the guests and participants. This event will put an end to the programme at this year’s REBEC, and the announcement of REBEC 2010 will follow.
City of Belgrade “confiscates“ locations
Starting September, the city commission will be confiscating locations from the investors who have not started or finished planned construction works for years. The final version of the new Law on planning and construction is ready, and it is expected that it will be forwarded to the Government by the end of the month. Its adoption will make it possible for public prosecutor to initiate confiscation of land more actively than before.
“We have recently been given the opportunity, and we internally agreed, in the authorized agencies, to start confiscation of non-developed land“, says Strahinja Sekulić, the city public prosecutor. “We will have more work to do because we are going to launch series of initiatives for confiscation. We have submitted several requests so far, but the big problem is what to do with facilities whose construction commenced. Investors invested their money in such facilities, and the solutions to that kind of problems will vary from case to case“.
The Secretariat for Ownership-Legal Affairs will soon make the property map in order to determine how many disputable locations exist in the city. Over the last two years, the Commission that takes away land from users has returned only 15 locations to the city, although there are 573 locations whose users did not start construction works on them. One of the examples is the Museum of Revolution of Peoples and Nations of Yugoslavia, which was supposed to be built between the Palace of Serbia and the building of “Ušće“ in New Belgrade. More than 30 years have passed since the beginning of construction, and the tunnels at over 5,000 square meters, five meters below the surface, are overwhelmed with trash and rubble.
Architect Branka Bošnjak says that the role of public prosecutors will be made stronger by the new Law, so that many locations will be confiscated from the investors by the end of the year.
“All deadlines have expired and, as soon as the Law is put in effect, the conditions will be created for commencement of confiscation of about 4m square meters in the city, which have been frozen for years“, says Bošnjak.
The current Law does not stipulate precisely which moment should be taken as the beginning of investment, it does not explain what should be done with the investors who does not exist anymore, like the ruined companies. Also, the Law does not explain how the state should deal with those investors who ran out of the funds for continuation of construction.
"ISB" mediates between foreign funds and local investors
According to the information provided by company ISB (Investments Standards Belgrade), foreign investors plan to invest up to 60m EUR in residential projects in 2009. As ISB explained, foreign funds would like to take part in concrete projects as majority partners. Within the scope of its activities, company "ISB" mediates between foreign funds and local investors in realization of projects for construction of residential facilities on the territory of city of Belgrade. Local building companies with references and urbanistically resolved projects can obtain money from this fund if they started construction of 2,000 – 20,000 square meters of housing space or if they own the building lot and building permit or valid proof they intend to build apartments on that lot.
„King Sturge“ proglašen agencijom godine u Jugoistočnoj Evropi
"King Sturge", international real estate consulting company, has been declared the Agency of the Year at the fourth annual Europaproperty South-Eastern Europe Awards Night. According to the announcement, the awards reflect the achievements of the leading real estate professionals on the territory of Southeast Europe, and "King Sturge" won the main award – Agency of the Year in Southeastern Europe. The Awards Night was organized in Radisson SAS hotel in Bucharest, Romania, and it was attended by 300 guests. The nominated were evaluated according to their overall market contribution, the quality of provided services, market innovations, commercial success, the role of leader and position in the market.
“We are happy with the fact that our clients and colleagues acknowledge our work and efforts in this difficult time”, said Jens Moller Madsen, the CEO of company "King Sturge" in Croatia and Serbia. "King Sturge" is present in Southeast Europe for more than 10 years and it has created long-term relationships with numerous foreign and local clients. The company operates in the region through its offices in Bucharest (Romania), Zagrebu and Split (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia) and Sofia (Bulgaria).
“Delta City“ – the best mid-sized shopping mall in Europe
“Delta City“ has been declared as the best shopping mall in Europe in the category of new shopping malls of medium size. The most significant award in field of commercial properties was granted to “Delta City“ by the jury of the International Council of Shopping Centers – ICSC. Slađana Lazić, the Marketing Director of company “Delta Real Estate“ received this award in Barcelona. “Delta City“ occupies the surface of 85,000 square meters, and it was opened at the end of year 2007. The investment was worth 74m EUR, and it created jobs for 1,500 people.
March 11th - MIPIM 2009
This year MIPIM celebrates its 20th anniversary of existence. Having in mind the current financial situation in the world, this jubilee has special meaning. As the organizers of this trade fair (Reed Midem) announced, the arrival of about 20,000 delegates of investors, developers, hotel operators and end-users of real estates is expected. There will also be over 600 journalists from all over the world.
Of all former countries of SFRY, Serbia will have the largest number of delegates at this year’s event. From their base at the booth of Beoland, over 60 delegates from Serbia will send a quality message to the world about the current state of the real estate development in Serbia and their future expectations. The projects on the Danube within Port “Beograd“ and the development projects of Rudnap Group and MPC Properties will be presented on that occasion. Mayor Đilas has also confirmed his participation in the meeting of mayors that will gather 80 of them from all around the world.
It can be freely said that the exceptional quality of the central and accompanying programmes at this year’s MIPIM will compensate for smaller number of visitors. The most acknowledged professionals are invited to present current situation in the world in a worthwhile manner at the conference, while the announced arrival of world-renowned architects, such as Zahe Hadid, Thom Mayne and Professor Wolf Prix, should additionally enrich this year’s event.
The next MIPIM will take place between March 16 and 19, 2010!
Danos & Associates in Serbia
Danos & Associates represents one of the leading real estate companies at global level, and it offers wide assortment of services, including investment consulting and representation services, through its offices in Athens, Salonika, Nycosia and Limasol. As an international respectable real estate consulting company, Danos Group has developed huge database of service users during 40 years of work, including public sector, financial institutions, market chains, corporate clients, private investors and other users of services. By providing professional services to their clients, the company has strengthened its reputation as a competitive and reliable professional, both locally and internationally.

Having in mind everything mentioned above, it is clear how significant is that Danos, in association with BNP Paribas Group, opened its offices in Serbia (Belgrade), Bulgaria (Sofia) and Albania (Tirana) in March 2009.
Completion of seventh building in APC complex
The seventh building, out of total of 14 that should be built within business complex “Airport City“ in New Belgrade prior to year 2014, has been officially opened. Construction of this building took only 10 months. The facility has 10 floors and it is 45 meters high. The new clients will be offered total of 13,200 square meters of office space in this building. There are 200 parking places around this business facility.
This business complex is being built in the location of deserted old airport, and about 72,000 out of projected 186,000 square meters of office space have been finished to the date. Construction of the announced technical building, four residential facilities and two towers that will be situated alongside Omladinskih Brigada Boulevard is still in the pipeline. One of these two towers will be a hotel, while the other will be a business building.
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