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Nenad Vucinic

Nenad Vucinic

Head of Traffic and Management Sector, ENERGOPROJEKT a.d. Serbia

Nenad Vučinić is the head of the department for traffic and systems management in the field of traffic safety. He is responsible for the implementation of projects in the transport sector. He is a specialist in tunneling, SCADA systems in traffic, monitoring and control centers, vertical and horizontal signalization, he is an advisor for the transport of dangerous goods ADR with a license. After completing his studies in Belgrade at the Faculty of Transportation, he was involved in the implementation of complex traffic projects in Serbia and abroad, with an emphasis on algorithmic guidelines for automatic control systems and traffic safety. He was hired as a consultant in the "Belt and Road" project. He is a licensed Advisor for the Transport of Dangerous Goods, ADR. Innovations and multidisciplinarity in the profession, lead him more and more towards the ideas of e-mobility development in Serbia.
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