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Neno Kovacevic

Neno Kovacevic

Associate Director, Practice Lead | UD-LA, IBI Group, Canada

Neno Kovacevic is Practice Lead, Landscape Architect, and Urban Designer with more than 20 years of experience in leading diverse and emerging role of place making and city building. Neno has worked on numerous initiatives in North and Central America, and Europe integrating sustainability into community master planning, urban development, mass transit linear projects, university campuses, open space, urban public plazas, and urban renewal projects. His experience reflects the diverse, evolving role of place making in integrating green and nature base solution and facilitating economic development, community building and sustainability. Along being involved in more than twenty LEED certified projects, Neno has extensive involvement in master planning net zero developments including integration of passive house principles and low carbon development. In the last several years Neno’s focus was spearheading development of carbon modelling tools for different types of projects with emphasis on achieving carbon positive development. Neno has been recognized by Green Building Industry and has been invited to be key speaker at several Green Build National conferences from Costa Rica to Guatemala and Nicaragua.
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